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True Dialog Offers Long Codes

While 3Seventy and many other SMS providers offer short codes for sending and receiving SMS, there has been big growth in the need for long codes – especially for certain businesses.  3Seventy offers long codes that are dedicated to each client who signs up for either our Business-Class Free Trial and for anyone with a paid SMS subscription with 3Seventy. SMS messages sent from a long code are usually treated as a standard text message for the end user, which makes them widely accepted as a tool for different mobile messaging campaigns.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of different codes with SMS, then check out this overview that compares long codes with short codes.

Advantages of Long Codes:

  • Cost effective. Long codes cost a little less overall for your messages.
  • Fast setup. There is no waiting period with long codes. They are ready right away.
  • International. Many long codes can be used for sending business SMS messages internationally.


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Whether you are testing out new technologies or just curious about SMS, then long codes are an excellent starting point for your business. We offer for you to use long codes through the 3Seventy platform or our SMS API.

Need more information? Get in Contact with us, and we’ll happily answer all of your questions. 


True Dialog Portal Release Notes for 5.19.15

Version 2.0

In this 3Seventy Portal Release: MMS, Long Codes, Bug fixes, Code Clean-up, Stability Enhancements, Future Action System


Major Changes

  • Channel Service is now deployable to different cloud instances.
  • MMS now supported
    Basic sending of MMS is now supported. You can upload an image and set the returned ID on content and in a push campaign event.
  • Push Campaign Changes
    • Gateway campaigns can now take an Image ID for pushing an MMS message with.
    • Specify a list of contact lists to push messages to. All contacts appearing in the lists will be sent the message. Any contacts that appear more than once across the lists will only receive the message once.
    • Specify a list of contact lists to for excluding contacts. Any contacts appearing in these lists will NOT receive the message; this is applied after the pull of all of the other contact sources.
    • Specify a channel name in the “Channels” field (instead of an arbitrary ID value):
      § Pushing to a short code, you need only specify the short code: “33898”, “370370US”, or “370370CA”
      § Pushing to a long code (or group of long codes): “+15125550100”, “+12145550101”, “LONGCODE”
    • The special word “LONGCODE” will push to all available long codes you have, this same effect can be accomplished via our old APIs by specifying the channel ID for the LONGCODE channel.
      (Note: acquiring a new long code requires a call to the new APIs)
      § Pushing to email: “EMAIL”
      § Pushing to null (for testing, does not actually send messages): “NULL”
  • Get a status of an event via a call to GET /account/{accountId}/event/{eventId}/status
    • For push campaigns, you can see the total number of contacts found and the total number that is being sent to. This updates approximately every 30 seconds until the event is complete.
    • This endpoint also works for contact imports, but does not currently have a running total as the push campaign does. (future release)
  • Long codes are now supported:
    • Search for new long codes via a call to GET /account/{accountId}/search-tn/
    • Order long codes via POST /account/{accountId}/request-tn/
      § Orders do not complete immediately and take a few seconds.
      You may get the status of the order via a GET call to the same endpoint.


Minor Changes

  • The NULL channel type has been changed to be identical as an SMS channel for all portions of the system except for at the ChannelService level.
    This will ultimately lead to us reducing code complexity in some areas and eliminating some bugs in the future.
  • The non-breaking space character was incorrectly breaking messages into separate messages.
    This was due to the fact that the system would see the character and switch to Unicode instead of GSM 38.08. This has been corrected, and nonbreaking spaces are now translated into a regular space when sending messages.
  • More aggressive retry logic in import-contacts, and several additional changes to improve its stability.
  • Improvements to the keyword response times for better servicing inbound text requests.
  • Various other bits of code clean up
    • Bits of unused code removed
    • Corrected some spelling mistakes in various comments and copy locations.
    • Removal of Unity in some additional places


Stay Tuned for Future Plans…


 Go to the API Documentation

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New Feature: Contact Opt-In Form

One of the popular ways for clients to grow a SMS database is with an online form. This adds an extra step to your development work and could possibly slow down the launch of your SMS marketing program. Now you don’t have to build your own contact opt-in form, because 3Seventy has done it for you.

Customized Plugin for Gathering SMS Opt-Ins

We’ve built a simple plugin that allows you to generate a code for a Contact Form on your website.

True Dialog SMS, SMS Contact Opt-In, SMS Platform Plugin, Grow SMS Database


When you log into your 3Seventy account, you’ll see a new feature in the left navigation called “Contact Optin Plugin”. When you click on that feature it’ll bring you to the screen seen above. This is a 3-Step Process to get it live.

1. Fill in the form with the short code and subscription (which are likely to be pre-set anyway). Then you can either upload your Terms and Conditions or link to the existing Terms on your website*. And click the Submit and Generate Code Button.

     *Make sure your T&Cs include details about your SMS marketing program for compliance

2. The code for your plugin will be generated in the box on the left. Copy it to your clipboard and email it to your website administrator.

3. Your website administrator will add it to your website, and you are LIVE. Ready to go!


As customers visit your website and enter their phone number into the form, they will be added to your SMS marketing database so that you can message them in the future.


Ways to Grow Your SMS Database

  • Use a keyword on your SMS marketing campaign and promote it in other mediums (print, radio, digital, etc).
  • Online form (like the contact opt-in form above)
  • Over the phone with a call center
  • In-person at an event

No matter how you grow your database, always make sure that you are including mobile compliance best practices.

We Want Your Feedback

This is a brand new feature, and we are all very excited about it. There are always ways for us to improve upon new features, so if you’re using it and want to provide some helpful feedback on ways to make it work better then please email us.



Contact Attributes in the True Dialog Platform

What are Contact Attributes?

When you sign up for an account with 3Seventy, you are getting more than an SMS Gateway. You are getting a fully featured messaging platform where you can build a contact database for SMS (text messaging), MMS (image messaging) and Email. And your contact database contains more detail than just a list of phone number or email addresses. Contact attributes are the contact details for each of your customers.


How can you use Contact Attributes?

If you’re starting with a clean slate, then you are most likely to gather details about your contacts by using a Dialog Campaign. A SMS dialog campaign on the 3Seventy platform allows you to create a multi-threaded message where you can deliver the follow-up message to a customer based upon a response. You can text in to see a sample text tree.


Here’s an example of what your message tree might look like (think of “if” “then” kind of flow)

SMS message, SMS dialog, dialog tree, true dialog

Customer texts the keyword SOCIAL to a shortcode, and receives a text message back with a question with multiple choice options (a.Facebook b.Twitter c.Google+ d.LinkedIn e.All). After the customer replies with “b” to the question, and follow-up question is delivered. This question/response flow continues as long as you like. All of the questions are pre-setup and triggered by the answers.


The answers to each question are your Contact Attributes. If your question is “What is your favorite food on the menu?” and the possible responses are “Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner”, then your contact attribute is Favorite Food and the possible values of that attribute are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This means that a contact who replies “breakfast” to the text message will have the contact attribute value of “breakfast” in his profile.

Why are Contact Attributes Great?

List Segmentation! 

Contact attributes are a highly powerful tool in your marketing toolbox when you’re using 3Seventy’s platform. When you create a contact list for sending targeted messages, you will choose specific contact attributes and values to segment it. Marketers: this is the tool you wish you had in email, so get excited.


Text in to this Sample SMS Dialog Campaign

True Dialog SMS, Sample Campaign, text message marketing, text messaging
message & data rates may apply. Text STOP to end. Text HELP for more info







Mobile Security Features a Necessity for Consumers

I read the results of a study conducted by PC World magazine with great interest. Of the 1,410 readers who responded, 65 percent stated that they felt mobile security is needed on smartphones and tablets. A full 57 percent of respondents stated they would be prepared to pay for mobile security features for protection.
Given the amount of personal information stored on a consumer’s smartphone or tablet, I think it’s important for owners to consider all reasonable measures to keep it secure, and this includes installing security software as it becomes available.
The threat to a mobile device owner’s information can also come in the form of malware, which can be introduced to them when downloading seemingly innocent files. Desktop computer owners are already familiar with the idea that they need to have good quality virus protection software in place if they want to keep the device running properly.
The results of the survey are further broken down between Android and iOS owners. People who chose Android were more likely to state that they understood the need for security software than consumers who have an iOS system. The iOS owners, on the other hand, were more likely to state they were willing to pay for software that would make their mobile devices more secure. Android tablet owners were more likely to state that security software was necessary than people who bought an iPad.

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