Harness the Power of SMS Marketing for Business

SMS Texting Is a Highly Effective Marketing Tool

Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, connecting with your customers and prospects is the #1 goal of marketing, yet it’s a constant challenge.

Not anymore. If you want to be where your target audience is, SMS texting is often the most effective and reliable channel. SMS open rates are 98%. Emails can’t compare.

TrueDialog is an enterprise SMS platform built for businesses of all sizes at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Mass and One-to-One Texts

Send bulk texts to an unlimited number of recipients or engage in personal, one-to-one texts via web or mobile. We offer dedicated short and long codes to meet every marketing requirement.

Affordable Pricing and Rock-Solid Reliability

TrueDialog can save you 50% or more, thanks to our direct carrier connections, cloud database, 99.99% uptime & deliverability, no-code API, all-inclusive features, and no third parties to manage.

Fast Implementation and Easy Admin Controls

Our five-star rated SMS texting platform takes minutes to set up and use, giving contact center managers the ability to centrally control access, monitor usage and analyze marketing KPIs.

Robust Features and CRM Integrations

We packed our SMS solution with a long list of enterprise-level features, including no-code APIs to integrate our platform with your CRM for a consolidated, efficient communications platform.

TrueDialog Enterprise-Grade SMS Text for Salesforce

How Does SMS Boost Your Marketing Success?

Move Faster. Code Less. Save Money. TrueDialog has more pre-built features than any other SMS platform. Available through our turn-key, enterprise grade platform or our brilliantly designed SMS API for developers.

Raise Brand Awareness & Generate Leads

Get in front of your target audience with brand messaging that introduces your brand and inspires participation through games, promotions, discounts, coupons and social media.

Increase Customer Engagement & Retention

Stay top of mind and build brand trust by consistently messaging customers with special offers and invites, links to curated content, reminders and thank yous, and ways to engage.

Improve Marketing Strategies & Campaigns

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns per dollar spent, and compare it with other campaigns and tactics to see what’s working and what isn’t so you can invest wisely.

Leverage It Internally

SMS is equally as effective with internal marketing campaigns, as employees are more likely to read company texts vs. emails. Use for surveys, team-building initiatives and reminders.

What About Compliance?

TrueDialog helps your stay TCPA compliant, automatically building proper consent protocols into your SMS marketing outreach. Enjoy an extra layer of compliance protection with our SMSafe ISO 9001 cloud-based, duplicate opt-out database.