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Text Message Marketing Service

TrueDialog is a Complete Enterprise-Grade Solution With all the Features You Need for Robust Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Our Five-Star-Rated Enterprise-Grade SMS Text Message Marketing Solution is Built for Big Business, yet Made Easy for Small Business.

Now in our 10th year serving customers, we have direct carrier connections. enterprise-grade cloud-based software and a robust ISO 9001 cloud database with 99.9% uptime. This all adds up to outstanding deliverability at prices that are well below our competitors.

Importantly, our proprietary "TrueDialog" feature enables seamless texting with both Short Codes and Long Codes all combined in the same thread, so you can send mass text messages and then effortlessly engage in one-to-one texting conversations at scale. No other text message marketing platform compares.

Easy Set-up. Short codes and long codes. Coupons. Surveys. Drill-down reporting.

We have extensive pre-built features including a Contact Center Solution and Mobile Apps. All are integrated with major CRMs. TrueDialog is the perfect SMS provider for enterprise-level Text Message Marketing.

Why Build What We’ve Already Built?

TrueDialog's SMS Texting Platform includes dozens of powerful features. Including our one-of-a-kind "TrueDialog" Feature and Contact Center SMS Solution, SMSafe dual-database and mobile apps that let you manage campaigns from anywhere, anytime. 

  • TrueDialog's Team-to-1 Texting Solution

  • 1-to-Millions Mass SMS Texting

  • Call Center SMS Texting Solution

  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System

  • SMS Survey Engine

  • SMS Scheduling Engine

  • SMS Text Coupon Engine

  • International Capabilities

  • Robust SMS API and Documentation

  • Multi-Channel Messaging: Voice, Email and SMS

  • Landline Texting

  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps w/Admin Controls

  •  VOICE + Click To Call

  • MMS Multimedia Messaging Service

  • Built-in URL Shortener

  • SMS Short codes, Shared Short codes (pending carrier approval) & Texting Long Codes

  • Database Manager & Target Segmentation

  • Drill-Down Reporting Dashboard

  • Pre-built Opt-in, Opt-out & Subscription Management

  • SMS API Software Developer Kits: PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net

  • SMSafe Duplicate Opt-Out Database

What Makes Us Different

Move Faster. Code Less. Save Money. TrueDialog has more pre-built features than any other SMS platform. Available through our turn-key, enterprise grade platform or our brilliantly designed SMS API for developers.


Now in our 10th year of serving customers, TrueDialog has built the perfect solution for enterprise-grade SMS texting with our Five-Star Rated cloud-based platform featuring an ISO 9001 database, 99.9% uptime, direct carrier connections and dozens of innovative features developed through years of carefully listening to our customers.

SMSafe Dual Cloud Database

TrueDialog maintains our own duplicate Opt-Out information in our ISO 9001 Azure cloud-database for extra protection against accidentally texting a contact that has Opted-Out. This is a significant cost to us, but is greatly valued by our enterprise customers who are serious about compliance.

Unique "TrueDialog" Feature

Our SMS Texting software includes our unique "TrueDialog" feature which enables two-way text dialogs that create threaded, multi-user, many-to-one conversations at scale. So multiple agents can all contribute together to a text dialog with a customer. Our proprietary "Cross-Code" feature allows seamless texting with Short Codes & Long Codes in the same agent thread, so you can send mass short code messages and then effortlessly engage in 2-way personalized dialog at scale. Older “2 way” technology can’t compare. TrueDialog is perfect for contact center agents, customer support operations and enrollment/admissions reps.

Enterprise-Grade Software & Deliverability

TrueDialog's SMS software is built in the Microsoft Azure Cloud with an ISO 9001 database with high reliability and security. Unlike many of our competitors, TrueDialog has invested in building direct carrier connections which eliminate the middleman and provide our customers with two huge benefits: 1) it improves deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties; and 2) it allows us to price our service significantly lower than our competitors. Our enterprise-grade SMS software is built for large scale businesses.

Mobile Apps & Contact Center SMS Solution

Pre-built Android and iPhone mobile apps with full administrative controls with tiered access. Mobilize your call center agents to engage in mass texting and true 2-Way dialog at scale. Free your staff to access admin controls and engage in messaging anywhere, anytime.

SMS Integrations With Major CRMs

Seamlessly integrate SMS Texting into information systems & CRM platforms. Our SMS Integrations are truly native to enable seamless text messaging inside Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Hubspot, Oracles' Eloqua, Campus Nexus, Velocify and others.

More Efficient SMS API: Lighting Fast With Less Bandwidth

Our SMS API campaign endpoint lets you send millions of SMS text messages with just one API call.  Other providers require one API call for every single message sent.  So stop taxing your systems and bandwidth and get faster delivery while saving money.

Robust SMS API

For developers, we offer a fully-documented RESTful SMS API with advanced pre-built features. Our SMS API campaign endpoint lets you send millions of SMS text messages with just one API call. Our scale allows for enterprise volume pricing. Save time. Code Less. Move Faster.

Professional Administrative Controls

Contact center directors and managers can monitor response times, language and grant access to different agents at various levels of functionality: mass texting, individual texting and view only. When a rep leaves your organization, you keep the phone number, contacts and all text conversation history to maintain uninterrupted customer service.

Scheduling Engine

Schedule campaigns anytime using our Flex Schedule capabilities. No need to use 3rd party scheduling, ours is built in.


With our full suite of calling APIs, you can easily deploy click-to-call, bridge calls, conference calls, recorded audio, and call forwarding.

Start sending SMS text message marketing campaigns within minutes.

  • Mobile App
    Our one-of-a-kind mobile app lets you manage campaigns from anywhere. Never miss a text again.
  • Create a Message
    TrueDialog’s message wizard allows users to easily setup, text, and edit campaigns in 3 easy steps.
  • Schedule Your Message
    TrueDialog helps you schedule campaigns in a few simple clicks, keeping you organized and your campaigns running smoothly.
  • Target Your Message
    Using our segmentation application, you can select which users receive each message based on campaign activity and demographics.
  • Measure the Results
    Once your campaign is deployed, TrueDialog measures results almost instantly. Track clicks, delivery to the handset, and creative performance over time.

How does TrueDialog SMS stack-up to the competition?

Unlike API-only competitors, TrueDialog offers both a complete turn-key Enterprise SMS Texting Platform as well as the TrueDialog SMS API. As a result, our SMS API customers have seamless access to all of our extensive pre-built features; a clear advantage to our API-only competitors. So developers,  if you want to save money, code less and move faster, see how we compare.

API Access
Pre-Built "TrueDialog" Feature
Messages Per Second 240 100
Call Center Agent SMS Solution Included
Single API Call – Millions of Messages
Free Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
SMSafe Cloud-based Dual Database
Pre-built Message Scheduler
Pre-Built Android & IOS Mobile Apps
SMS API Endpoints 47 3
Robust Drill-down Multi-tiered Reporting
Contact Segmentation
Built-in Unsubscribe
Dedicated Long and Short Codes
Shared Short Codes
Pre-Built Coupon System
Call Center Module and App
User Interface

Emergency SMS Alerts

Unlike our competitors, TrueDialog’s SMS alert system is just one element of a full platform that can dramatically improve response rates for your business. Additionally, you can continue the dialog, one-to-one, when contacts reply to your broadcast.

In just one click, send SMS alerts via:

SMS Text Voice
  • Instantly send SMS text and voice messages alerts to 1000’s and continue the dialog 1-to-1, when contacts reply to your broadcast.
  • Administrative controls can be accessed from any computer.
  • All text conversations are tracked and integrated into CRM providers like, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot.
  • Our one-of-a-kind mobile app lets you manage campaigns from anywhere. Never miss a text again.
SMS Platform for Business Messaging

Easy. Fast. Flexible.

TrueDialog’s turn-key texting software is designed for enterprise business SMS solutions. Companies serious about scalability, reliability, compliance and security use TrueDialog for their opt-in SMS campaigns. Urgent Alerts, Call Center Communications, Special Offers, opt-in SMS Marketing, Mass SMS Texting and more are easily executed by our platform.

Leverage the latest cloud-based technology to seamlessly use our fully featured SaaS platform or our brilliantly designed RESTful SMS API through a secure SMS gateway. Push out a text campaign within minutes after signing up.

The TrueDialog SMS platform delivers excellent results at a low cost. Our direct connections with mobile carriers provide access to 990+ operators and 5.5 billion wireless subscribers globally. Engage in dedicated Short Code Texting, Shared-Short Code Texting, or Long Code Texting.

Have Questions About Data Integration? Look No Further.

TrueDialog's cloud based platform has an API first approach which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate with leading CRM and Marketing Automation platforms Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, and Hubspot.

Our RESTful API is the newest and best in the business. We have already built more of what you need, so if you want to save time and move fast, look no further.

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