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Mass Text Messaging Service for Enterprise and Small Businesses

Easily send bulk SMS text messages to your customers and employees.

The Perfect Mass Text Messaging Solution for Every Type of Business

Increase your reach and response rates by sending mass text messages for marketing, notifications, surveys and more. TrueDialog provides more mass texting features you need at half the price of the competition.

Highest Reliability & Deliverability

We have direct carrier connections and a robust ISO 9001 cloud database with 99.9% uptime. Our customers send millions of messages each month which enables us to provide outstanding deliverability at prices that are well below our competitors.

Mass & 2-Way Text Messaging

Our flexible platform allows recipients to respond to your mass text messages to ask questions and continue the conversation one-to-one with our proprietary “TrueDialog” feature. This enables a seamless experience for customers as well as your staff.

Texting + CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate our texting solution with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Hubspot, Oracles' Eloqua, Campus Nexus, Velocify and others to personalize and automate mass text communication at scale.

Realtime Drill-down Reporting

Use our pre-built reports or build your own custom reports to analyze engagement rates in real time, and optimize your messages to increase response rates and improve campaign performance.

How Does Mass Text Messaging Work?

Mass or bulk text messaging enables businesses and organizations to send hundreds to millions of messages to a group of subscribers simultaneously. Due to the low response rate of emails and phone calls, text messaging has become the preferred channel for immediate communication as 90% of text message are read within 3 minutes.

Mass text messages are sent through short codes which are 5-6-digit phone numbers designated for mass texting and approved by mobile carriers to have a high throughput. Long code phone numbers are traditional 10-digit numbers that are designated for one-to-one text messaging and should not be used to send mass text messages as they are likely to be flagged as spam and blocked by mobile carriers. TrueDialog offers shared and dedicated short codes.

TCPA Compliance for Mass Text Messaging

Before you can start sending mass text messages to your customers and leads, you need to gain consent through an opt-in process in order to comply with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations. The TCPA requires any business that will be sending auto-dialed voice calls and text messages to obtain prior written consent from recipients. A few ways to gain proper consent is by users texting in a keyword to a short code, checking a box on a website or physical form, or self-subscribe by providing their mobile number to a business. 

Additionally, the TCPA requires varying forms of consent depending on the type of message being sent, whether it’s marketing or informational. Businesses also need to provide an easy way for people to opt-out of text messaging usually by replying “stop” or "unsubscribe" to a message they received. 

How Businesses are Using Mass Text Messaging to Improve Reach and Response Rates

Marketing & Promotional Text Messages

Appointment Confirmation Text Messages

Alert & Notification Text Messages

Survey & Poll Text Messages

97% of Text messages are read in less than 3 minutes
TrueDialog's State-of-the-Art Team-based Technology

Increase Productivity with TrueDialog by enabling multiple agents or staff members to simultaneously contribute to the same text messaging “thread” with your customers to allow full collaboration, get issues resolved faster and improve customer satisfaction. Our "Cross-Code" technology allows both Short Code & Long Code messages to seamlessly appear in the same text messaging thread to improve response rates from short code marketing campaigns or mass notifications.

Key Mass Text Messaging Features

  • TrueDialog's Team-to-1 Texting Solution

  • 1-to-Millions Mass SMS Texting

  • Call Center SMS Texting Solution

  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System

  • SMS Survey Engine

  • SMS Scheduling Engine

  • SMS Text Coupon Engine

  • International Capabilities

  • Robust SMS API and Documentation

  • Multi-Channel Messaging: Voice, Email and SMS

  • Landline Texting

  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps w/Admin Controls

  •  VOICE + Click To Call

  • MMS Multimedia Messaging Service

  • Built-in URL Shortener

  • SMS Shortcodes, Shared Shortcodes & Texting Long Codes

  • Database Manager & Target Segmentation

  • Drill-Down Reporting Dashboard

  • Pre-built Opt-in, Opt-out & Subscription Management

  • SMS API Software Developer Kits: PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net

  • SMSafe Duplicate Opt-Out Database

Personalize and Automate Mass Text Communications with CRM Integrations

TrueDialog's cloud-based platform has an API first approach which allows you to seamlessly integrate with most CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to segment, personalize and automate mass text messages at scale.

"Hands down the BEST SMS Platform and Support you can find"
Brian H. (Director of Email and SMS)

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