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Truly Native Texting within Salesforce

TrueDialog is a Capterra top-rated SMS platform

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Salesforce Integration Has Its Benefits

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TrueDialog's Salesforce SMS texting integration streamlines and consolidates communications for the ultimate customer experience

Built for enterprise-grade customers, TrueDialog's SMS Platform is the ideal texting plugin for Salesforce users. Unlike many other Salesforce SMS integrations, our native Salesforce SMS integration has no pop-ups or additional windows. Just easy texting from inside Salesforce.

Our solution provides team-based, multi-user, 2-way texting and mass SMS texting. We offer automatic phone number validation and simple number entry to add new contacts to your Salesforce CRM.

Keep all of your customer data and touches in one place. With TrueDialog, connecting with your customers has never been easier or more efficient.

Salesforce SMS Texting Made Simple

TrueDialog's Salesforce SMS texting integration isn't complicated and doesn't require IT expertise. In just minutes, sales, marketing and customer service teams can begin texting with customers and prospects.

[1] Install TrueDialog

Install the TrueDialog Salesforce text messaging integration package in a few simple steps

[2] Send and receive SMS

Send and receive SMS text messages to individual Salesforce contacts and leads, or message an entire list

[3] Create new SMS

Create new SMS texting templates

[4] Review text message

Review ongoing text message activity in your Salesforce contacts


Proven Customer Engagement

Texting works. And it's typically more effective than email. Texting has a 98% open rate, compared with only 20% with emails. Get more touches, more engagement, and more conversions with Salesforce SMS integration.

Our truly native texting within Salesforce removes friction and consolidates customer communications. Your teams can effortlessly connect with customers and prospects at scale with minimal effort.

Short & Long Codes for Ultimate Flexibility & Scalability

TrueDialog offers short codes (shortened phone numbers) and long codes (traditional, 10-digit phone numbers) using our proprietary "TrueDialog" feature. Get the most out of SMS texting by using short codes for mass marketing campaigns and long codes for 2-way customer service.

Our Contact Center SMS solution empowers multiple teams and reps to see and contribute to the same text messaging thread with customers using our "Team-to-1 Dialog" feature. Engage in full collaboration, resolve issues faster, and improve customer satisfaction - with all customer data perfectly synced with customer records inside of Salesforce.

Need even more CRM or marketing integrations?


TrueDialog's cloud-based platform has an API-first approach which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and other leading CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot.

Need a fully-documented SMS API?

Our RESTful API is the newest and best in the industry. We already built what you need, so why invest in resources and waste time? Save time and move fast with TrueDialog.

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