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Text Messaging Solution for Employee Communication

Enterprise-Grade Texting Platform Built for Large and Small Businesses

Instantly Reach Employees with Text Messaging

Not all employees have email on their phones, but they do have text messaging. Instantly communicate important and time-sensitive information to your employees with TrueDialog's enterprise-grade text messaging solution. We are built for big businesses, yet made easy for small businesses.

Increase Productivity

Instead of sending emails and manually making phone calls that may go unnoticed, text messages enable instant communication and can be automated or scheduled ahead of time.

Communicate Conveniently

By texting with employees, there is no learning curve or apps to download. All messages immediately hit their text inbox regardless of the type of phone that is used.

Improve Service

Mass employee texting enables staff to respond in real-time to urgent needs like a last-minute appointment or service need that requires extra resources.

Nearly 70% of employees think their organization should use text messaging to communicate with employees, and 86% say it should not be reserved for just customer communication.
(Customer Think)

How Businesses Use Text Messaging for Employee Communication

Texting for Human Resources

Notify employees on benefit enrollment dates, policy updates and send reminders for missing critical documents.

Designed to meet the needs of larger enterprise human resource departments, TrueDialog's employee texting software enables team-based 2-way texting that creates threaded, multi-agent, team-to-one conversations at scale. So your HR team can all contribute to a single threaded texting conversation with your employees

Texting for Company News & Updates

Keep employees informed on the latest news, updated processes as well as upcoming events.

Make sure no important message is left unread with real-time text messages that can be scheduled ahead of time and segmented by different departments within your company or organization to improve relevancy.

Texting for Employee Work Scheduling

Easily confirm and reschedule work shifts for hourly or contract employees by sending out a text. Get instant responses when you need extra staff for an unplanned service or meeting request. You can also integrate texting into your employee scheduling system to automate work schedule reminders.

Texting for Employee Urgent Alerts

Instantly send simultaneous mass employee urgent alerts via SMS text, voice messages, email and social in just one click. You can continue the dialog, one-to-one, when employees text a reply to your broadcast or use our easy “Click-to-Call Feature.”

Send employee urgent alerts via:

SMS Text Voice Email Social
Texting for Employee Feedback Surveys

Whether it’s providing feedback for a project or a manager/supervisor, text message surveys enable employees to quickly reply to surveys in real-time, instead of waiting for an email response.

You can send employee surveys for management feedback, effectiveness of training, staff satisfaction as well as exit feedback. 

Texting for Accounting & Finance

Ease the pain of tracking down time cards, unpaid invoices, expense reports and other missing financial documents with text message reminders to employees. Keep your finances in line and organized by staying on top of document deadlines and eliminate wasted time for email and phone call follow-ups.


Texting for Remote Employee Communication

Stay in contact with work from home and remote employees no matter where they are. Send text message alerts for meeting reminders, time card submissions, communicate project status updates or just send a friendly check-in to see how they are doing to build a stronger relationship. 

Key Employee Text Messaging Software Features

  • TrueDialog's Team-to-1 Texting Solution

  • 1-to-Many Mass SMS Texting

  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System

  • SMS Survey Engine

  • SMS Scheduling Engine

  • International Capabilities

  • Multi-Channel Messaging: Voice, Email and SMS

  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps w/Admin Controls

  •  VOICE + Click To Call

  • MMS Multimedia Messaging Service

  • SMS Shortcodes, Shared Shortcodes & Texting Long Codes

  • Database Manager & Target Segmentation

  • Pre-built Opt-in, Opt-out & Subscription Management

Automate Employee Text Message Communication with CRM Integrations

Automate employee text messages based on workflows inside your CRM. TrueDialog's cloud-based platform has an API first approach which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate with most CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and higher ed technology providers like Campus Management/CampusVue.

Ready to take your employee experience to the next level with TrueDialog?

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