Scale communication effortlessly with TrueDialog's reliable & secure platform. Reach thousands of customers instantly, all within your trusted MS Dynamics 365 environment.

Stop wasting time & money on SMS workarounds. TrueDialog's native MS Dynamics 365 SMS integration is fast, reliable, & scalable. TrueDialog's integrates flawlessly with MS Dynamics 365, empowering personalized campaigns & effortless two-way communication.

"TrueDialog Named 2023 Most Promising MS Dynamics 365 Solutions Provider"

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100% Native Integration

Built-in integration with no pop-ups/overlays for a more secure and reliable experience.

Easy to Use

Experience enterprise-grade feature, all wrapped in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user-friendly interface.

Clear Pricing

TrueDialog provides clear upfront pricing with no hidden charges and unlimited users.

World Class
Customer Support

TrueDialog's customer service team will have you launching campaigns in days, not weeks.

Send SMS Messages Directly from the Contact Timeline

  • Develop templates and leverage merge fields to create dynamic customized messaging.
  • Track message content, sender and date all within the contact timeline.
  • With the native integration all “opt-out” messages are record within the contact details and automatically blocked, avoiding compliance issues.

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Streamline Communication with Native Texting in Power Apps

  • As a approved Microsoft Power App partner, utilize the TrueDialog API to plug into other Power App software applications.
  • With Microsoft Power App, users can text natively from connected applications, eliminating the need to text in another window or popup box via a third-party application.
  • All text threads live with their customer record, providing a more holistic view of the customer.

TrueDialog MS Power Platform


Short & Long Code Flexibility

  • No Touch 10DLC registration. With TrueDialog’s direct carrier connection, we provide seamless 10DLC registration.
  • Long codes for 2-way or 1-to-1 messaging. Long code numbers let you to communicate with customers and employees on a more personal level.
  • TrueDialog’s short code programs offer a fast, efficient, and reliable way to communicate with a mass audience.

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