SMS Integration Critical to Unlock the Full Power of Your Salesforce CRM

Selecting a native SMS platform to enable enterprise-level texting with Salesforce is an essential step in your organization’s growth plans. A third-party solution can streamline your communication strategies, increase your value-added message sending abilities, reduce errors, and even save you money.

You’ll find that with a Salesforce CRM SMS integration your teams can collaborate at a higher level than ever before. Did you know that according to nearly 40% of data-driven organizations have 50 or more unique data silos? That’s a recipe for chaos. Merging all communications efforts into your CRM platform helps immediately reduce the number of silos and improve collaboration.

With marketing, sales, and customer service all sharing data and assisting each other throughout the customer journey, the real winner is the customer experience. You’ll be able to deliver the quality of service that turns one-time or passive customers into lifelong evangelists.

SMS Activity Data Must Live in Salesforce.

Direct Salesforce CRM text messaging is a critical feature available through a 100% native Salesforce integration. Among the many benefits, all of your CRM, contact, and communications data is stored in a single place. Rather than manually logging messages, they’re saved to the contact timeline, which saves time and reduces errors. Simply click into an activity in the timeline and you are able to see who sent the message and a record of the entire exchange.

Reporting and tracking efforts are dramatically improved with this one-system approach. Many Sales and Client Success experts often say, “If an event didn’t occur within Salesforce, it didn’t occur.” Thanks to a Salesforce CRM SMS integration, everything will be accurately captured and saved.

Delineate Short Codes And 10 Digit Long Codes

When you properly configure your SMS channels from the onset, all your SMS-related workflows will be streamlined. Many businesses have multiple numbers for various functions, so you can set several source types and custom activities for all your content.

What’s the difference between 10 Digit Long Codes (10DLC) and Short Codes? Application-to-Person (A2P) 10DLC allows businesses to use text-enabled telephone numbers, like those used for decades for business and personal use, and use them for both SMS messaging and voice. These versatile numbers can be used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS making them an excellent choice for customer service and other two-way texting scenarios.

If you’re simply looking to send mass texts that won’t invite responses, short codes are a great option. These five- or six-digit numbers have great deliverability rates. Many companies leverage both Short Codes and 10DLC as part of their communications infrastructure.

Avoid Risks of Non-Native Integrations

Compliance is critical and should be a key component of any texting solution. You are at a much higher risk when using external apps that don’t offer truly native Salesforce integration. Since these third-party tools aren’t integrating directly with Salesforce they use their own servers to port data back and forth.

In addition to the security risks inherent with non-native applications, there are also issues that arise due to syncing delays. When data isn’t exchanged internally, you might not have the latest updates, leading to noncompliance with opt-out requests.

A truly native Salesforce integration shares the right data in real time. You’ll be able to communicate with confidence with the latest updates. In addition, your proprietary data is stored safely within the app.

Use Full Suite of Salesforce Features for Greatest Impact

A top-tier SMS platform will work with Salesforce Flows once they are integrated, providing tangible benefits for your teams. Rather than manually typing in every message in real-time, you can use the Salesforce Process Building or Salesforce Flows to trigger and send automated messages. Once processes are created, technology does all the rest. Using the Flows tool to trigger automation improves efficiency, reduces errors, and allows you to send crucial communications outside of office hours.

Some of the most impactful SMS marketing features you’ll discover via Salesforce include:

  • Texting directly from Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity records;
  • 1-to-millions mass texting backed by reliable analytics;
  • Convenient 1-to-1 dialog from a single window;
  • Multi-channel messaging via a central console;
  • Threaded conversations for teams;
  • Compatibility with SalesForce One Mobile App;
  • Opt-Out management for 10DLC and Short Code .

With your data synced and SMS features enabled, your communication strategies will be elevated to super-charge your organization’s growth. The best SMS platforms give administrative controls to monitor your agents’ texts, response times, and language. You’re able to grant different levels of access within your teams, including mass texting, individual texting, or view-only. And you can add or remove employees on demand.

Synced data makes it easier to track your KPIs. An SMS/CRM integration will provide the transparency you need to plan and assess your program. When you want to dial into the micro level, all SMS interactions can be easily searched and reviewed.

Customer Support When You Need It.

With your organization running SMS-integrated Salesforce, you’ll be set up for better performance today and critical growth tomorrow. Expert support may be required for you to get the most from your platform, since technical issues can arise. Many third-party SMS integration apps have non-existent support teams, while some of the major players in the industry employ overseas teams that present language barriers or doom you to eternal games of number prompts or phone tag.

You simply can’t entrust your business communications to companies that won’t back you up. TrueDialog is leading the industry in customer support for Salesforce CRM text messaging. Our Customer Support Team operates exclusively in the United States. This makes it easier to connect and get clear answers quickly, so you can maintain focus on your clients and their needs.

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