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Automated Text Message for Business

Although social media has become a powerful marketing tool in the past decade, SMS remains the most effective marketing channel. This is especially true for e-commerce platforms, where marketers can leverage the potential of automated text messages for business.

By deploying highly personalized texts that push clients to take action, automated text messages lead to higher conversions. On the other hand, understanding and implementing text message marketing can be challenging. Don’t worry, though. This article will explain how to set up an effective automated SMS campaign for improved sales.

Benefits of Using Automated Text Messages for Business Communications

Using text messaging to navigate client communications comes with numerous benefits. Some of them include:

High Open Rate

According to the marketing automation platform Mailchimp, the average open rate for emails is less than 22%.

That begs the question: why would a company focus solely on emailing customers if they are unlikely to open, let alone read them?

Text messages, on the other hand, have a 98% open rate. It takes the recipient seconds to check if they have a text, a call, or a notification every time they feel a buzz in their pockets or hear their phone’s alert tone. It has been discovered that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

That said, it’s no wonder businesses are increasingly turning to automated text message services. Automated text messages are an effective way to deliver mass text messages to your customers, similar to how you would with email. You can also use this technology to send messages to individual customers automatically.

Immediate Deliverability

It takes an average of 90 seconds to respond to a text message and an average of 90 minutes to respond to an email. Text messaging is the best alternative because not everyone has the luxury of time on their side.

If a company wants to launch a marketing campaign or reach out to clients while they’re on the go, SMS gives them a better chance of doing so in real-time. As a result, there will be a greater sense of urgency and relevance to the message the company wishes to convey.

Opt-in and Opt-out

Customers aren’t always happy to receive updates about a company’s products and services and aren’t always willing to engage in text-based promotions. Customers will like the text messaging service’s opt-in and opt-out features.

Customers who opt-in to receive SMS notifications from businesses can do so. Opt-out, on the other hand, allow them to opt out of receiving any further text messages from a company. Additionally, the opt-in and opt-out feature enables you to meet the legal obligations of requesting consent before texting someone and allowing them to opt out if they wish.

Undeniable Customer Appeal

SMS makes a great impression on organizations using it because of its convenience. When a brand is easily accessible through means or resources that have been a continuous part of the lives of the bulk of customers, it demonstrates that the company is prepared to learn what features and approaches end-users prefer.

Promotions, product updates, and limited-time deals given by text also have a personal touch, and nothing engages customers more than a genuine, personalized method of communication.

More Reach

SMS is a pre-installed feature found on any phone by default. You don’t need an internet connection to send and receive text messages. This makes it one of the most convenient communication tools. Even subscribers without smartphones can participate in SMS campaigns, a significant advantage over digital marketing channels.

Enhanced Assistance

SMS improves the efficiency of a company’s customer service operations. It makes communication easy for both the business owner and their customers. The latter can give real-time feedback and concerns, whereas the former can come up with immediate and more practical solutions to client issues.

The best part is that even with a small team of employees, a customer support service can handle higher volumes of messages from customers.

Multiple Approaches

When it comes to opportunities for disseminating information and engaging customers, texting has a much wider variety of benefits. SMS reigns supreme in various approaches, from one-on-one chat to bulk texting for marketing and service promotion. 

Because of how cost-effective it is, you can include SMS in large and small marketing initiatives. In reality, even tiny firms can provide more effective customer service by utilizing the power of SMS.

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Effective Ways to Use Automated Text Messages for Marketing and Customer Service. 

It might be challenging to create automated messages as you need to be precise and engaging simultaneously to entice your customers to make a purchase. However, if you get it right, these automated text messages can dramatically boost your platform’s traffic and sales.

After your platform is in place, you will have a reliable communication system. You will soon be able to communicate with your clients promptly. Set up a compelling automated text message for business using these six tactics:

Discounts and Sales

Everyone likes good sales and discounts. The most efficient way to use automated texts in your marketing strategy is to invite your website visitors to subscribe to your SMS service so they can be the first to know about your promotions. Your regular consumers will appreciate being notified whenever you have a special offer.

SMS for New Product Releases

Notify your customers if you have any new products or collections. This tactic will be helpful for brands with limited inventory that want to sell out everything during the launch of any new product. This will alert your clients of any new arrivals that may be available soon, and they can quickly go to your platform to purchase those products.

Post-Purchase Follow-Ups

Create an automated text message service for your business to follow up with clients who have purchased from you. These messages can include any special instructions about using the products that customers must follow after purchasing them from you. If you don’t have any special instructions, your automated follow-up SMS can update them on their package’s delivery status so they can pick it up as soon as it arrives.

VIP Loyalty Program Notifications

Sending automated messages about special offers, sales, and discounts to your VIP customers is a great way to earn their loyalty. These communications should make clients feel cherished and believe they are a cut above the rest of your customer base.

You can include a little thank you note in your automated emails to VIP clients and give them access to new products and collections first.

Back-in-Stock Notifications

Customers can sign up for a message service that alerts them when their favorite goods are restocked. You can combine this strategy with your VIP program plan by sending an SMS to your VIPs a few hours before the rest of your clients.


You want your clients to know that their calls matter to you, regardless of the time they call. You can set up automatic text messages for business to be sent when you miss a call, get a text, or receive a voicemail. You can tailor your responses depending on whether the message is sent during or after office hours.

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Manage Your Business and Customer Service Needs With Automated Text Messages 

Automated text messages are an effective marketing tool for all types of businesses. Businesses stand to gain even more from it, especially given the highly targeted marketing methods that the digital age demands to stay competitive. It is critical in generating revenue and providing outstanding customer service. All you have to do now is select an excellent service with valuable features.

Still uncertain about how to use automated text messages to promote your business? Start sending automatic text messages right away by signing up for TrueDialog’s free trial and communicating more efficiently with your customers, students, parents, workforce, and more.