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SMS Leader TrueDialog Launches AI, Chat and Social Messaging for Enterprise Users

Features create a true omnichannel experience while streamlining communications

Austin, TX – November 30, 2022 – TrueDialog, a leading provider of enterprise-grade SMS texting solutions, today announced the launch of numerous features including chat and social messaging. These features, which are all accessible through one unified view, enable users to interact with customers over whichever channel was initiated thus creating a true omnichannel experience that streamlines communications. Central to these connection points, TrueDialog also launched an AI platform that informs the user of suggested responses across any one of those connection points – thereby further accelerating their ability to respond to and answer questions.

“With the launch of these features, TrueDialog is making it easier for businesses to interact with customers the way they want to interact,” said John Wright, CEO of TrueDialog. “Now through text, chat or messaging through Facebook and WhatsApp, a business will be able to see that interaction through all those connection points in one intuitive UI, which is supported by an ever-learning AI making each interaction after more streamlined.”

“For the past few years, texting has accelerated to become the most efficient method of communication – seeing 98% open rates in some studies, said Sheila Karns-Gierek, VP of Product Management, TrueDialog. “As communication channels evolve, the way businesses interact with them must also. With the launch of these features, TrueDialog has accelerated the evolution of these channels by creating one unified UI to house them all.”

The new features TrueDialog is launching will be available first to existing customers and include the following:

AI concierge

The AI supports an enhanced SMS/text experience, external chats, and social messaging. By combing through previously answered questions, it provides the most likely answer to any question, with a percent likelihood score to indicate how sure the system is with the answer. This gives users complete control by either inserting the auto-generated answer or tailoring it for a more customized response. The more an answer is chosen as a response to questions, the higher its score, which increases its intelligence and delivers more confidence users have the suggested responses are accurate.


Social Media Messaging (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)

Through open Meta APIs, the messaging console enables users to directly interact with messages coming from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp within the same UI that exists for texting and chat channels. With the support of the AI, responses to questions will become faster than ever. Because of the integration with other channels, any other relevant interaction across

them is more easily accessible, empowering a company’s agents to be more accurate, more efficient, and more self-sufficient than ever before.


External and Internal Chat

The TrueDialog chat feature enables users to interact with customers across external facing touchpoints like a website and enables users to interact with other internal employees to collaborate with them faster. This provides further support and information outlets when responding to customers – versus having to toggle between different internal messaging/chat apps. Additionally, the AI engine supports external chat which enables users to find the right responses quickly.


TrueDialog has created a true omnichannel experience with the release of these new features that are all accessible through one view. Along with enabling an AI feature to intelligently respond faster, TrueDialog has launched a new way for any type of dialogue to have an enhanced customer experience.

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About TrueDialog

Headquartered in Austin, TX, TrueDialog is the premier messaging platform that creates better customer connections. From 1:1 SMS communications, to mass text messages, or multi-user, team-based customer support, TrueDialog enables all these solutions at scale. TrueDialog is API-centric, with native SFDC and Microsoft Dynamics integrations. And with 99.9% uptime and direct carrier connections, TrueDialog gives businesses the reliability they need and enables them to cut costs. For more information, visit www.TrueDialog.com.

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