Tricks of the Trade for HubSpot Mass SMS Marketing

HubSpot is a marketing powerhouse with customers in more than 120 countries around the world. This cloud-based CRM helps organizations build sales enablement, collect qualified leads, and sync their sales and marketing teams.

Although the platform’s tens of thousands of customers all have different goals and strategies, many of the top users share something in common—they leverage HubSpot mass SMS marketing.

Defining Mass SMS Marketing

What is mass SMS marketing? It’s the process of sending text message communications to databases of contacts. Rather than one-to-one, or two-way messaging, which is a powerful strategy in its own right, mass SMS marketing goes out to many recipients. Since these texts are done at scale, they’re also sometimes referred to as bulk SMS marketing.

This marketing approach can be exceptionally effective because it has pronounced advantages over email, phone calls, and other forms of customer outreach. The fact is that the vast majority of consumers prefer texting to all those other channels. With their simplicity and immediacy, text messages have an average open rate of 98% opposed to just 20% for emails. Texting also receives a response within 90 seconds on average, while emails take well over an hour.

Advanced Tips for Mass SMS Marketing

Given the advantages of texting, some organizations are content to just coast along without ever really trying to elevate their strategies. This approach delivers some results but cheats them out of the highest levels of performance. Here are some powerful tips to help you elevate your mass SMS marketing.

Partner with a HubSpot SMS app

With a top-tier SMS app you’ll be able to elevate HubSpot’s already robust marketing capabilities. Be sure to choose an app that provides a 100% native HubSpot SMS integration, so that you can get the full impact. For example, integrating natively with TrueDialog allows you to send messages directly from Contact profiles in your HubSpot CRM instead of using a separate pop-up window that takes you out HubSpot. You’ll also get team-based, multi-user 2-way messaging. All these features can set you up for mass SMS marketing success.

Pay attention to timing

Anytime you have a great idea pop into your head, you might quickly text your friends to share it. This reactionary approach is fine with your personal messaging but needs to be modified for your business purposes. Test different days and times to identify the golden windows that get the most engagement from your customers. This deliberate method allows you to provide a better experience for customers and get the best ROI for your mass SMS marketing.

Focus on clarity

The minimalist nature of text messages already nudges you in the direction of brevity. It’s essential to not only keep it short but also make it clear. Is the call to action (CTA) easy to understand? Does the benefit stand out to the recipient? If so, you’ve got a lean and mean marketing message that delivers exactly what you need.

Add some urgency

If you’re hoping to get a timely response to your HubSpot mass SMS marketing campaign, give your customers a reason to take prompt action. Popular strategies include limited time offers or promoting products that have lower numbers in stock. You can also include words like “order today,” “deal expires,” and the ultimate all-purpose prompt, “now.”

Get personalized

Some people might think that mass SMS marketing needs to be generic and boring because the messages are going to so many people. That’s simply not the case. Using personalization tokens in HubSpot, you can send automated messages through HubSpot Workflows that contain personalized information that will resonate with recipients.

Seek out opportunities to improve

Marketing through HubSpot can sometimes feel like a guessing game, but your customers are probably more than happy to provide crucial insights when you ask them via text. Wondering what product to feature in an upcoming sale? Ask the people who will be doing the purchasing. Wondering how you can improve your customer service? Send out a survey and get the opinions that matter most. The immediacy and intimacy of SMS messages create a perfect opportunity for your organization to get better.

Use automation

The best marketers automate their campaigns to save time, reduce errors, and improve their performance. As a 100% native HubSpot SMS app, TrueDialog is compatible with HubSpot Workflow. You can build workflows for your mass texting in only a few simple steps. Start by importing a list of Contacts (along with their properties) to HubSpot’s database. From there, you can send mass SMS to that list anytime you need to.

See what TrueDialog can do for you

TrueDialog offers top-tier features for a lower price than the competition. We have invested in building direct carrier connections, eliminating the middleman so that you get direct access to better performance. With a lower number of potential failure points, you’ll enjoy better deliverability. You’ll also have better reliability thanks to the absence of unnecessary third parties.

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