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Social Media ROI Measurement With SMS

It’s no secret that social media is a huge component in many digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing expenditure in the U.S has reached $7.52 billion dollars (Statista). Virtually every business has some form of social media presence today. To avoid talking to an empty room, marketers use different tactics, such as social media contests and coupons, to measure things like engagement and conversions. But, how do you maximize your social media ROI?

Nearly 80% of social media usage is conducted on a mobile device (Marketing Land). Since social media is already a mobile activity, text (SMS) should be a key element of your social media strategy. When done effectively, Texting can provide valuable insight into how well your social media efforts are converting followers into repeat purchase customers.

Social Media and SMS are the Perfect Pair

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So, how do we put text messaging and social media together? Well, for the most part, it’s similar to using an 800 or vanity number. Businesses can attach a short-code for followers to text into for mobile coupons, contests, or to start a mobile club. Imagine you’re a small burger joint opening  in town. You want to encourage all the locals to try your specialty burgers and prompt them to make a repeat purchase. You can have a keyword for new customers to text in to a short code so they receive a coupon for a free burger when new customers buy fries and a drink. This keyword can be worked into all social media materials from cover photos on Facebook, to a specified hashtag on Twitter, to descriptions on your business’s YouTube videos.


Measure Social Media ROI Instantly With Texting

Social media is an instantaneous way to reach a large audience while text messages provides equally instantaneous feedback. While likes and comments are great, they are very passive forms of engagement. A ‘like’ doesn’t always translate into a sale. However, when customers text to your designated short code for a free burger, they are taking that extra step to committing to a purchase.

Promoting your SMS campaign via social media allows a more efficient measure of social media ROI. With a simple text, a marketer can measure a variety of different things about their campaign. A text can serve as a good headcount of active people in your contact list, a way to measure coupon effectiveness, show which keywords are most effective, and more. With 3Seventy’s RESTful API, you can easily track outbound texts during the time of your social media campaign. Our API can also be easily integrated into other systems to have one, cohesive place for all marketing measurement.

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Have questions on what SMS can do for your media measurement? Feel free to email us at or call us at 512-501-5940.


Broadcast Media Measurement With SMS

Currently, the advertising business in the U.S is worth over $111 billion.  By 2020, revenue from TV and radio advertisement alone is projected to reach $81.7 and $17.68 billion respectively. With so much money circulated around advertising, it is important to make sure that your business’s advertising efforts are effective across your media channels. Vanity numbers, specialized URLs, and other methods are very popular for measuring media effectiveness. However, text messaging can be a valuable media measurement tool as well. With a high open and response rate, low cost implementation, and easy integration, SMS can be a valuable addition to any TV or radio advertisement.

How Does Media Measurement Work With SMS?

It may seem counter-intuitive to use a mobile approach to measure the results of broadcast advertising SMS is not only cost-effective, it  simplifies the overall measurement process. The concept is simple, have a short code associated with your advertisement that allows the viewer to text in when they see it. For example, imagine you’re a restaurant with airspace on all local TV and radio channels. You include a short code in your advertisements that allows viewers to text in and receive a mobile coupon for their next entree. Since people have their cell phones on them 97% of the time, high response is practically guaranteed. This serves as an an instantaneous tally of how many people you’re reaching with your commercial as well as how effective the commercial is.

Kill Multiple Birds With One Smartphone

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It is easy to see why the benefits of media measurements with SMS are substantial for your business. Let’s return back to the restaurant example. The first benefit of your SMS campaign is the prompting of customers to visit your restaurant with mobile coupons. About 74 million U.S smartphone users utilized mobile coupons in 2015; proving just how valuable they can be. In terms of media measurement, texting provides a few key benefits. As we said before, texting can provide an instantaneous count of how many people are seeing your advertisement at a given time. This means that you can figure out when and where your advertisements have the most impact. Maybe more people text in right before dinner time or around major holidays. Perhaps your commercial does better on stations with more family friendly content. Regardless, SMS makes it easy to see exactly where your advertisement stands.


Sources: Statista


How SMS Manages Quick Service Restaurant CRM

Customer engagement is one of the most crucial aspects for running a successful quick service restaurant (QSR). Once a business overcomes the hurdle of building  a clientele, a good customer relationship management (CRM) system can help maintain repeat business and provide valuable feedback for the business owner. So, what is the best way to go about management? One of the best CRM channels for many QSRs and fast casual restaurants (FCs) is SMS.

A Text Can Pull Customers Back Into Your StoreCRM, customer management, sms marketing, mobile marketing, mobile coupon

One of the easiest ways to get customers to make a repeat purchase is by enticing them with coupons. SMS  text in programs can be easily incorporated  into a variety of different marketing materials persuade customers to join your mobile club. Let’s imagine that you own a local pizza place. You want to build your customer database by promoting special deals to encourage customers to make a repeat purchase. Utilizing SMS, customers can text in a unique keyword, like PIZZA, to a designated shortcode. From there, they can receive a unique coupon code that they can redeem in your store for a salad or appetizer with their next pizza purchase. This special keyword can be shared among all your marketing channels, like social media, radio, or Groupon, to make a cohesive marketing experience.

SMS Simplifies Continuous CRM

Once customer relationships are built, it is important to retain them. It is difficult for many businesses to find that sweet spot for maintaining customer relations. On one hand they don’t want to be too overbearing, but they also don’t want to be forgettable. SMS can provide a great solution to maintain profitable customer retention among QSRs. It not only provides direct communication to customers, it also simplifies the entire CRM process. An SMS coupon campaign can be used to deliver weekly or monthly specials and get customers to come back. For example, Chipotle’s mobile club texts their members about 1-2 times a month offering BOGO entrees or other free items with next purchase. Since it is only twice a month, it is not overwhelming for their customers and provides incentive for people to make keep making repeat purchases.



Increasing QSR Customer Database With SMS

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are projected to grow at CAGR 3.11% in terms of revenue between 2014 to 2019 (Technavio). With the increase in revenue comes an increase of competition among individual restaurants. An effective way to stand out as a QSR is bettering digital marketing strategies with SMS. SMS is being utilized by QSRs in a variety of different ways from protecting against coupon fraud or receiving customer feedback. However, the primary function of SMS for most restaurants is increasing customer database.

Opt-In QSR Customer Database for Opportunity

Virtually every QSR has some sort of mailing list to alert customers of new specials, menu additions, and other in-store promotions. For customers, a lot of these promotions can get lost among the plethora of promotional emails and direct marketing materials.However, the most difficult hurdle to overcome is getting customers to opt-in.

Using SMS provide an easy way to attract opt-ins for a QSR customer database. With a near-perfect open rate, text messages can’t be lost in the sea of competitors’ marketing materials.By establishing an SMS campaign, QSRs can implement a cost effective way to grow and maintain their database. Not only is opting-in via text convenient for customers, it also alleviates the burden on businesses as well. SMS can be integrated in a variety of different CRMs and is extremely cost efficient since messages only cost a few cents each.

Pita Pit Use Case

Recently, 3Seventy had the opportunity to work with Pita Pit to help increase the customer database of certain franchisees. In addition to being an effective way to prevent coupon fraud, our coupon campaign allowed Pita Pit to create a unique coupon that was valid 24 hours after receipt. The success of this campaign was astronomical; the franchisees database grew from 2,000 to 9,000 members in just 6 months.

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SMS Message Templates for Businesses

Over 350 billion texts are sent everyday, around the world, for multiple purposes. When it comes to SMS messaging for your business, people often worry about creating useful or creative messages. Try creating some reusable SMS message templates for your business to get the right message across. These templates will vary depending on both your business and reasons for texting.


Templates for Keeping In-Touch

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to keep in regular communication with their mobile database. In fact, 1 in 5 consumers are more likely to prefer a text message over a phone call from a business (ICMI). Keeping in touch once a month or so with your mobile database keeps the business fresh in the minds of your contacts (consumers, vendors, etc). These mobile communications have a variety of different uses and are used for different phases in a growing business-to-consumer relationship.

For many businesses, the initial text sent to a new mobile subscription is the simple welcome message. Separate from the required confirmation messages, these SMS message templates are typically structured as a greeting and a brief introduction to what the customer is opting into. Here’s an example:

SMS message templates, SMS template, SMS business, mobile communications, SMS marketing


Beyond the initial welcome message, there are a plethora of other SMS message templates that businesses can use to maintain communications. SMS can also be used for gathering feedback from customers, facilitating dialog, and sending out follow-ups.


SMS Message Templates for Alerts

Perhaps the most common use of SMS for businesses is SMS alerts, which are typically setup through a SMS API and automated. Some common SMS message templates for alerts include appointment reminders, order confirmations, and shipping notifications.

One of the most popular SMS alert template is the appointment reminder. SMS appointment reminders are not only convenient for your mobile database, they can also be easily setup with an SMS gateway campaign to completely automated your business’s scheduling. SMS alerts can be brief or detailed, depending upon your business needs. A straightforward alert usually includes the customer name and pertinent details such as time and date.

SMS message templates, SMS template, SMS business, mobile communications, SMS marketing


There are so many ways to incorporate SMS into your business. The easiness and versatility of a simple text can transform your marketing, company operations, or customer service. However, the message can only be understood if it is in a clearly written message for the customer. To ensure your mobile success, it is crucial to plan ahead so that your SMS message templates are your best messages.


Recruiting Statistics and New Technology

It’s no secret that mobile is constantly changing the realm of business. In fact, 61% of people have a higher opinion about a brand when it offers a positive mobile experience. In such a dynamic landscape, it is important for businesses to stay on top of emerging technology and be aware of how their audience is using it. We’ve gathered key recruiting statistics and outlined how changes in the market are shifting the industry.


Recruiting Statistics

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The recruiting process tends to be a timely process. Great strides in SMS communications have proven to be fruitful for many recruiting and staffing firms. These recruiting statistics reflect those areas of growth.

  • Disregarding those over 45, 43% of job seekers consider recruiters who send SMS to be professional
  • 17% of recruiters use SMS to notify job seekers about an open position
  • 21% of job seekers are using SMS to confirm an interview appointment
  • Recruiter texts sent through SMS software had a 26% response rate compared to the 8% response rate of emails

This increasing connection between recruiters and candidates via SMS is highly beneficial for the emerging millennial workforce. As of 2015, the millennial workforce is the largest generation in the U.S working economy. They are described as being quick paced, innovative, and extremely tech-savvy.


How New Technology is Re-Shaping Recruiting

Knowing all of these key statistics, the recruiting business landscape is making room for more mobile solutions. Whether it is mobile marketing, mobile web design, or SMS for their communications, mobile’s high open rate of 98% is perfect for instant up-to-date communications. Mobile media alone now outranks desktop 51% to 42%. This means that room for new mobile and SMS technologies is expanding. So, how do these new technologies affect recruiting and staffing?


Mobile Video for Recruiting

One of the more trendy aspects in mobile technology is the use of mobile video. Mobile videos are a great way to instantly showcase great business related content. Mobile video ad spend is projected to reach $6 billion by 2018. This comes as no surprise since consumers respond favorably to videos in general. Online videos now account for 50% of mobile traffic. Using mobile videos help you to stand out from other recruiters. As MMS is poised to shape the way businesses communicate, video can now be integrated into your mobile strategy via MMS as well. For standard SMS however, recruiters can text links to view videos on a mobile website such as the company overview, tips for success, and general FAQ videos.


Geo-Targeted SMS

Another emerging mobile technology trend is geo-targeting your SMS messages. Typically, geo-targeting is used by mobile marketers to deliver content to a user-based on their location through a mobile app. However, geo-targeting can also be leveraged through SMS dialog technology to support recruiters with candidates ranging from technophiles and college students to truck drivers. Knowing the zip code or general area that candidates are in helps to shape the way recruiters stay connected throughout the recruiting process. By utilizing geo-targeted SMS, candidates can receive on-the-spot communication from their potential employer as they walk through the door. Transparency is highly favored by job candidates, especially as they begin to narrow down their options.

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Overall, recruiting statistics show that the industry is growing their use of mobile as a dominant communicationmethod in the job market.  Mobile technology is crucial to everyday life and business functionality – especially to the younger, millennial market. It is important for job recruiters to keep up in the fast, dynamic, and mobile world or fear getting left behind.

Sources: Software Advice, Tech Crunch, HubSpot



2016 Mobile Predictions: Mobile Video Advertising

Video advertising is nothing new in the world of mobile marketing. However, mobile video is about to go even further in 2016. With a bevy of new options to present your video content, we are poised to see mobile video advertising grow bigger than ever before. So how do you, the innovative mobile marketer, tap into the beast known as video advertising?


Mobile Video Through 2015

Ericson Report , Mobile Data 2015, mobile video, mobile video advertising
Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2015

Before we dive into predictions, let’s revisit the success of this marketing tactic. According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, consumers use far more data for video than for any other application. Mobile data traffic in Q3 of 2015 was 65 percent higher than in Q3 2014, which was largely driven by increased video consumption on mobile devices.  Mobile video is quite the successful fiend but, how are businesses using it to their advantage?

The obvious Goliath is in-app commercials for video and music streaming services. YouTube owns nearly 20% share of digital video ads with 50% of website traffic coming from mobile viewers. It is a similar story for other streaming giants such as Spotify and Hulu. Users are enjoying these services while on-the-go, whether from their smartphone or tablet.

Another aspect of video is the use of text messaging for driving views. Businesses build a mobile database and share exclusive content through either a dedicated & private URL or in an MMS message. The customer database gets early access to the newest video content and rejoices.


Where is Mobile Video Heading in 2016?

Mobile video ad spend is projected to reach $6 billion dollars by 2018 (TechCrunch). So when it comes to video content, making it mobile accessible is no longer a nice-to0have, but a necessity. The number of channels for creating and distributing video has grown, which makes it even easier for you, the business. Everything from new applications such as MyTape, to new features on existing platforms like the new Facebook live video option and Instagram’s sponsored video posts, is all indicative of a rapidly growing video landscape.

This growth means that a simple video won’t cut it anymore. Not only will video content be engaging, but the way in which that content is delivered matters as well. Being conscientious of your customer demographic is crucial to selecting the right channel. Take time to do the research, find your audience, and understand how they want to consume videos.

The business landscape is saturated with mobile video ads, so great content is still king. Finding new ways to engage your customers is the only way you can let your business’s brand shine through. Yes, a video is traditionally one way but, it can also be engaging. Make more enticing videos in 2016 that are about your audience, rather than shouting information. Create content with interactive components or utilizing the popular 360 degree viewing.


Predictions for Mobile Video in 2016

1. As technology for mobile video evolves, so should your mobile marketing strategies. Explore different approaches to use video as a marketing tool.

2. Don’t lose sight of your content. There is no need to reinvent the wheel but, a strong story or interactivity could mean higher customer engagement.


Sources: Forbes, ReelSEO

Mobile Automation in 2016

What is Mobile Automation?

Simply put, mobile automation uses system integration to deliver more powerful SMS conversations. Mobile marketing automation (MMA) is when a a system takes your marketing SMS information (databases, campaigns, etc.) and helps you siphon the right message to the right person.  When your business is ready to take your mobile marketing to the next step, mobile automation helps ease the transition in addition to boosting effective engagement with “sense and respond” technology.


Where is Mobile Automation Used Today?

Mobile automation gives your company the ability to deliver higher-impact messages to your contact database. This allows businesses to play with a host of options to diversify their mobile marketing portfolio. Most notably, automation helps businesses build a larger and more engaged customer database. Nearly 86% of early adopting app publishers reported success in using MMA, citing significant increases in both engagement and retention. Not only are you getting more people, but more of the right people are getting your marketing SMS messages and they are more effective. You want to turn curious consumers into your customers.

mobile automation, sms marketing, mobile predictions, mobile marketing, sms strategy

Seamless interactions are crucial for properly conducting your mobile marketing. To make sure that your customer database is receiving the right message at the right time, a seamless integration is key. Automation is a great way to link your mobile application, app push notifications, mobile website, and your SMS campaigns. Use automation in your mobile marketing to gather information about your customer’s habits so that the most effective messages are sent to that customer.


Where Mobile Automation is Going in 2016mobile automation, sms marketing, mobile predictions, mobile marketing, sms strategy

Remember the 3 L’s of real estate? Location, specifically geo-targeting, is taking off in all aspects of mobile marketing for 2016. For mobile automation, this means that your business can gain the ability to seek out a customer in your database, access their location, and send out the best message to drive them to make a purchase.

Perhaps you are a small, local tax preparation firm in a strip mall with other businesses. When tax time comes around, an automated SMS message will be sent to your customer database in the strip mall to remind them to stop by and get their taxes done.


The use of mobile automation will only be getting bigger. Businesses are finding an increasing number of uses to enact a mobile automation system. Everything from HR management to mobile commerce has a place for incorporating automation into the SMS messaging strategy. The big takeaways are:

  1.  Using mobile automation is an effective way to grow and maintain your customer database. Automation helps to get the best message to the right people.
  2. Mobile automation is helpful for a variety of needs and industries. It has great integration potential and crosses over many mobile platforms.


Sources: VB Webinar, ClickZ,

2016 Mobile Predictions: Mobile Coupons

SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketingYou, the savvy mobile marketer, already know that mobile commerce is booming. Having a comprehensive plan for Mcommerce is crucial for staying on top in 2016. An easy solution for increasing both store traffic and overall sales is the use of mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are effective and, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, 96% of mobile users will search for digital coupons – a 26% increase from 2014. By the end of this year, 121.3 million U.S adults will redeem a digital coupon with 83.1 million doing so via smartphones (EMarketer). The expert opinions are in and here is what is in-store for mobile coupons in 2016.

Location, Location, Location

Location based mobile marketing, or SMS geofencing, is having a big moment, and it is only going to get bigger in 2016. Location SMS marketing works in 2 parts:

First, there is the use of it in physical locations where the customers are using it – to understand their purchasing personas. Customers can allow businesses to have access to their locations. By tracking customer movement, companies can get an idea of the persona of their customer base. For example, if you are a new sporting good company and you notice that customers in your area frequent the local soccer field, you can increase your in-store traffic by offering mobile coupons on your soccer equipment.

The second use of location based SMS marketing is SMS geofencing.  SMS geofencing is when customers not only allow companies to know their locations, companies also have the ability to send location-specific SMS messages. When customers are in range of your business, triggered messages will be sent out with deals and coupons to lure customers in. Locations can be as broad as a U.S region or as narrow as being in a physical store. By targeting customers in specified locations, businesses can make the most of their mobile marketing – especially when it comes to mobile coupons.


SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketing

Cross Platform Integration

Multi-platform integration is a large essential in every digital marketing arsenal. Going from mobile app, to SMS notifications, to in-store or online purchasing will soon be a seamless experience. Mobile coupons will be no different. Many apps, such as Sephora’s, have an all-in-one mobile shopping experience. Not only can you shop from the app, it also tracks your beauty rewards, provides beauty tips, and (of course) sends you digital coupons for your next purchase. In 2016, this will become far more common place as more stores opt for the all-in-1 integration model.




Big Takeaways for Mobile Coupons in 2016

No need for the crystal ball, we have seen the future for retail and mobile commerce: SMS coupons are on top.

It is estimated that mobile coupon usage will exceed 1 billion users by 2019 (Juniper Research). This means that to implement mobile coupons, you must have a thoughtful mobile strategy. To summarize, the two big takeaways are:

1. Allow an option for customers to opt-in to your location tracking services to effectively target the customers you need. Digital marketing can be costly, so make sure that you are sending your mobile coupons to the right consumers in the right places.

2. Make sure that your digital integration includes mobile coupons, and that they are seamlessly integrated. Cohesiveness is key if you want your mobile coupons to increase customer traffic.

Mobile coupons are not only a great way to tie multiple digital platforms together but, they help to build customer relations. Motivate your customers by providing incentive to their #1 shopping companion: their smartphones.

SMS coupons, mobile coupons, mcommerce, mobile marketing, SMS marketing



Sources: Skyhook Wireless, Multichannel Merchant

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