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SMS Couponing for Back-To-School Season – Texting Tips

Preparing for the 2nd Busiest Shopping Season of the Year

As beach days give way to school bells, retailers are gearing-up for the second busiest shopping period of the year. Back-to-school season offers a prime opportunity for organizations to connect with customers via SMS to offer competitive sales and drum-up revenue.

If you haven’t thought about your SMS marketing strategy for back-to-school season just yet, you’re in luck. Here are a few tips to consider before you start sending your mobile coupons:

  1. Consider your audience: To make the most of your campaign, develop targeted campaigns for the various audiences you may be catering to. For example, your message should be tailored differently for parents vs. teenagers vs. college students.
  2. Interact with your audience: Try sending out a quick 1-question dialog with multiple choice answers to determine which coupon your customer wants most, or what is on the top of their back-to-school list. This enables you to deliver a highly targeted offer to your customer, as well as learn more about their preferences/behaviors.
  3. Develop a referral program: Consider how to best reward your loyal customers who pass along your SMS coupons to their friends. Savvy marketers are capitalizing on this practice by targeting teenagers and young adults who are most inclined to “share” their latest purchases with friends.

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