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A True Omnichannel Experience

TrueDialog AI adds yet another way to increase customer happiness through AI generated suggested responses across text, social messaging and external chat channels.

And with our communications hub, you can easily access all those channels in one view, enabling your users to interact with customers based on how they reach out to you.

AI concierge

The AI supports an enhanced SMS/text experience, external chats, and social messaging. By combing through previously answered questions, it provides the most likely answer to any question, with a percent likelihood score to indicate how sure the system is with the answer. This gives users complete control by either inserting the auto-generated answer or tailoring it for a more customized response. The more an answer is chosen as a response to questions, the higher its score, which increases its intelligence and delivers more confidence users have the suggested responses are accurate.

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Social Media Messaging (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)

Through open Meta APIs, the messaging console enables users to directly interact with messages coming from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp within the same UI that exists for texting and chat channels. With the support of the AI, responses to questions will become faster than ever. Because of the integration with other channels, any other relevant interaction across them is more easily accessible, empowering a company’s agents to be more accurate, more efficient, and more self-sufficient than ever before.

External and Internal Chat

The TrueDialog chat feature enables users to interact with customers across external facing touchpoints like a website and enables users to interact with other internal employees to collaborate with them faster. This provides further support and information outlets when responding to customers – versus having to toggle between different internal messaging/chat apps. Additionally, the AI engine supports external chat which enables users to find the right responses quickly.

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Be Where Your Customers & Prospects Are

Never miss a message or an opportunity to provide responsive customer service and effective marketing and sales communications. With TrueDialog, every customer touchpoint is connected in one, unified customer thread.

Enterprise-grade features that scale with a world-class customer service team to help you utilize all of them - from day 1 to infinity.

txting channels

Texting channels:

  • 1-to-Millions Mass Texting
  • 1:1 Messaging
  • Team-Based 2-Way Texting
  • Call Center SMS Texting
  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
  • MMS Multimedia Messaging
campaigns mgmt

Campaigns management:

  • Scheduling and coupon engine
  • Survey (automated response) engine
  • Keywords module
  • Contact imports
  • Built-in URL Shortener
numbers mgmt

Numbers management:

  • Long Codes (10 digit numbers)
  • Short Codes (5 digit numbers)
  • Text-Enable Your Business Landline
campaigns mgmt 2

Campaigns management:

  • Subscription & Opt-in/Out Mngt.
  • Message logs with delivery codes
  • Native CRM for tagging/attribution
  • Customized reports

Why does a true, native integration matter? Read this paper for 7 key reasons why.

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Pricing For All Business Sizes

We don’t hold back core features from our plans

sm biz

Small Business

$99 /month

5,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

2 cents per message/minute on overage

Email Support

biz pro

Business Pro

$375 /month

25,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.5 cents per message/minute on overage

CRM Integrations Available



$899 /month

75,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.2 cents per message/minute on overage

Free Keywords Included

CRM Integration Available

sm biz

Custom Enterprise

$2,499 /month

250,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

On-site Consultation

1 cent per message/minute on overage

CRM Integrations Available

Lower Prices with Higher Volumes