Create better customer engagement with our native Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration.

TrueDialog will get you interacting with customers in ways you never imagined – all while working from your Microsoft Dynamics instance. Bulk text, 1:1 SMS, team message, cut messaging costs, and more.

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We’ve made texting from Microsoft Dynamics 365 so easy. Our native integration has no pop-ups, no additional windows, and enables you to mass SMS or have personalized 1:1 messaging.

Reasons that keep customers happy, or better yet thrilled with TrueDialog.


Your texts get to their destination and your costs stay low.

Every SMS is delivered over a carrier. And we have direct relationships with them. Unlike many of our competitors, our direct carrier connections eliminates the middleman and provides our customers with two huge benefits: 1) it improves deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties; and 2) it allows us to price our service significantly lower than our competitors.

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Team-based 2-way texting enables better follow-up.

Our two-way texting dialogs create threaded, multi-user, many-to-one conversations at scale. Multiple agents can chime into the same texting dialog with a customer to create a seamless experience to fully satisfy your customer even if several agents need to get involved. Importantly, our proprietary “TrueDialog” feature enables texting with both Short Codes and Long Codes all combined in a unified thread, so you can send mass text messages and then effortlessly engage in one-to-one conversations at scale. No other SMS platform compares.

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Reduce your risk of texting opt-out contacts.

TrueDialog maintains our own duplicate ISO 9001 Opt-Out database in the Microsoft Azure cloud for data integrity and an extra layer of compliance protection. Maintaining this SMSafe Dual Cloud-Database is included with every account.


Get up and running today without IT or development resources.

With our native integration into Microsoft Dynamics, you’ll be up and running in minutes. We also seamlessly integrate with Marketo and Eloqua. Lastly our intuitive TrueDialog UI can set up a campaign in minutes and be deployed in seconds.

Enterprise-grade features that scale with a world-class customer service team to help you utilize all of them - from day 1 to infinity.

txting channels

Texting channels:

  • 1-to-Millions Mass Texting
  • 1:1 Messaging
  • Team-Based 2-Way Texting
  • Call Center SMS Texting
  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
  • MMS Multimedia Messaging
campaigns mgmt

Campaigns management:

  • Scheduling and coupon engine
  • Survey (automated response) engine
  • Keywords module
  • Contact imports
  • Built-in URL Shortener
numbers mgmt

Numbers management:

  • Long Codes (10 digit numbers)
  • Short Codes (5 digit numbers)
  • Text-Enable Your Business Landline
campaigns mgmt 2

Campaigns management:

  • Subscription & Opt-in/Out Mngt.
  • Message logs with delivery codes
  • Native CRM for tagging/attribution
  • Customized reports

Why does a true, native integration matter? Read this paper for 7 key reasons why.

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Logan University saved 20% on SMS texting and countless hours compared with other SMS solutions. Who else did they compare?

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Pricing For All Business Sizes

We don’t hold back core features from our plans

sm biz

Small Business

$99 /month

5,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

2 cents per message/minute on overage

Email Support

biz pro

Business Pro

$375 /month

25,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.5 cents per message/minute on overage

CRM Integrations Available



$899 /month

75,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.2 cents per message/minute on overage

Free Keywords Included

CRM Integration Available

sm biz

Custom Enterprise

$2,499 /month

250,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

On-site Consultation

1 cent per message/minute on overage

CRM Integrations Available

Lower Prices with Higher Volumes