TrueDialog Named a Top 10 Technology Solutions Provider in 2020 by Industry Era

Austin, TX – TrueDialog, a leading business texting solution for mass text messaging, SMS marketing, and personalized 2-way texting at scale announced today that they were named as a Top 10 Best Technology Solutions Provider of 2020 by, a top media publication offering news and articles covering the latest technology innovations.


The company’s CEO John Wright was featured in the announcement and discussed SMS texting as a business strategy, and the future integrations the company plans to offer to help businesses streamline communication and improve operational efficiency. Wright leads the company through a continuous process of listening to customers and industry experts as Truedialog continues to grow and expand its services for business texting solutions as well as higher education texting services.


“We believe businesses and organizations of all sizes can provide a better experience and superior service for their customers by leveraging text messaging to communicate through a combination of personalization and automation,” Said John.


TrueDialog was founded based on the rapid growth and adoption of SMS messaging as the preferred channel of communication for consumers. The company gives businesses the ability to reach their customers more easily via text messaging to increase response rates, provide convenience, increase speed of service, and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Wright discusses TrueDialog’s ability to integrate both short-code texting and long-code texting in the same conversation thread, creating a seamless dialog between businesses and their customers, as well as higher education institutions and their students. Native integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics enable businesses to add texting capabilities in their systems for a unified communication experience. These integrations are a key differentiator that separates TrueDialog from the competition.


“The first part of any integration offering is an API-centric foundation of your platform,” stated Wright. “This allows the TrueDialog service to be integrated into any 3rd party or home-grown software that businesses deploy more securely, and allows Truedialog to integrate with major CRMs, SIS Systems, and Marketing Automation providers. In addition to the SMS API, TrueDialog has pre-built custom SMS integrations to enable seamless Salesforce text messaging and Microsoft Dynamics text messaging.


Looking ahead, Wright aims to continuously enhance TrueDialog’s features based on feedback from thousands of their customers, “We’re doing our best every day to add new features that make our customers’ lives easier and their businesses more efficient,” said John.


The TrueDialog team has a wide array of upcoming projects including adding additional SMS texting integrations and more messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and RCS messaging. Wright also noted that TrueDialog has invested heavily in datasecurity, noting recent additions of world-class data breach monitoring and intrusion detection systems that make the platform even stronger and further improve data security.


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About TrueDialog


Headquartered in Austin, TX and founded in 2008, TrueDialog has been innovating and delivering for our customers for more than a decade. We are a team of veteran messaging experts who have built what we believe is the premier mass text messaging and customer support texting platform in the industry by carefully listening to our 1,000s of customers. TrueDialog’s technology is enterprise-grade, cloud-based, API-centric, and with an ISO 9001 database, direct carrier connections and 99.9% uptime, is secure and scalable to meet the needs of the largest enterprise businesses and higher education institutions. Customers can send mass text messages 1-to-Millions, or utilize our unique “TrueDialog” feature which enables seamless, multi-user, team-based customer support texting at scale. TrueDialog’s cloud-based SMS texting software and SMS API are ideal for businesses serious about scalability, security, and compliance.


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