Five9 Texting: Send text messages directly from Five9 with TrueDialog

Your customer experience just got better. With TrueDialog’s new integration, your business can send text messages directly from your Five9 contact center software. 

Whether your agents send individual messages manually or schedule bulk SMS marketing campaigns, TrueDialog’s integration within Five9 provides a unified experience.  

Send texts to many, send texts to one 

Five9 texting with TrueDialog - Dashboard screenshot

TrueDialog gives agents the option to use SMS and MMS in support of other contact channels like voice, email, or social messaging. Communicate at scale with mass text messaging campaigns, but remain attentive to the individual customer by answering questions, addressing issues, and providing instant, personalized service through texting.

Previously, in order to support customers across multiple channels, your team would need to juggle separate dashboards or APIs. But with TrueDialog, you can handle all your text communications in Five9. The integration package only involves a few simple steps, and you’ll be texting to individual contacts or to an entire list in minutes.

Provide a holistic experience with Five9 texting

In order to provide a holistic experience to customers, your business needs a holistic view of each conversation. TrueDialog’s integration enables you to view all text activity for every Five9 contact. No more clunky, frustrating interactions where customers have to explain the issue again and again — instead, all agents maintain the context of the conversation. 

When customers text your business, your employees can manage conversations within Five9. Each team member has better visibility into what’s already been communicated and by whom. 

Let the customer decide

With Five9 texting, customers can decide how they want to interact with your business.

With Five9, your business can engage with customers on their channel of choice, rather than yours. Voice, email, webchat, and text messages are used interchangeably by customers with high expectations of continuity. Many customers assume they can text your business, even if you haven’t set up a proper channel to do so.

Now you’ll never miss a text from a customer. Their text interactions follow them regardless of the channel they use, helping your agents provide a higher level of care. And with real-time interactions, your agents’ productivity will increase, too. 

Trust TrueDialog’s native integration for Five9 texting

Five9 texting interior screen showing accepted SMS

When juggling multiple communication channels, interoperability is paramount. TrueDialog has built our integration directly within Five9’s development environment, ensuring better compatibility, performance, and security than non-native integrations. 

Non-native integrations rely on behind-the-scenes tools such as Twilio, Zapier, or Boomi. These tools essentially act as middlemen and can cause your costs to add up quickly. Each inbound and outbound request counts as a transaction. Each request also becomes another potential point of failure. By eliminating that intermediary step and interacting directly with Five9’s software, TrueDialog helps you minimize vulnerabilities and delays.

Enjoy US-based service and support

TrueDialog built our technology to handle enterprise-grade needs. Our team of developers and support agents know the Five9 integration inside and out. We offer installation and ongoing support from our headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Want to see Five9 texting with the TrueDialog integration for yourself? Schedule a free demo today!