When You Need to Send Text Alerts Immediately, Use Text-to-Push

In critical situations, you may not always have immediate access to a computer. Never fear — with TrueDialog’s Text-to-Push feature, approved users can send text alerts on the go.

What Text-to-Push Can Do

  • Send a message to your entire list or only to a specific group
  • Compose the message directly from your phone
  • Send messages from your TrueDialog account rather than your personal phone number
  • Keep messages and replies stored in your TrueDialog account, not on your personal device (and without any Reply All group text nightmares)
  • Set up approved senders for the Text-to-Push feature

How Text-to-Push Works

Choosing approved senders

Text-to-Push is easy to set up and manage. From your administrator dashboard, you’ll see a TextToPush tab under Settings.

Click the +Add button to add any phone numbers that should have access to the Text-to-Push feature.

Setting up the feature

In your TrueDialog dashboard, click Campaigns and Manage Keywords. Either reserve a new keyword or open one of your existing keywords. Expand the Advanced options, and enable Text To Push.

Once you’ve done that, your chosen keyword is a Text-to-Push keyword.

How to send a Text-to-Push message

  • From an approved phone number, text your chosen Text-to-Push keyword to the appropriate shortcode.
  • You will automatically receive a text reply containing your contact lists. Each list has a corresponding number. Reply with the number of the list you want to receive your message.
  • You will receive a text confirming the list you selected. Now, respond with the message you wish to send.
  • If everything looks correct, reply Confirm. If you need to rewrite the message, reply Change.
  • Once your message is confirmed, it will immediately go out to your contact list.

When Text-to-Push Comes in Handy

Sending mass text messages from your phone is useful in many situations including:

  • Emergency situations. When time is critical and conditions are constantly changing, users may not have access to their computers to send alerts.
  • Field visits. Whenever your office isn’t an office, but a remote job site, conference, or another occasion for travel, have confidence that you can keep in touch with employees or customers wherever you are.
  • Any place without Wi-Fi. If you can send a text message, then you can send a Text-to-Push message. Count on our network connections, even when you can’t count on your own.

Want to try Text-to-Push for yourself? Sign up for a free 15-day trial of TrueDialog today.