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Higher Education Texting: Regulations & Best Practices

In April 2021, The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Facebook regarding certain text notifications it found did not violate the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). While the TCPA is not new, its implications are far reaching, affecting both private and public institutions across all industries.

Now that more higher education institutions and businesses are leveraging SMS texting as a way to effectively communicate, it is essential to know how to remain compliant.

Learn from one of the nation’s leading TCPA experts, Adam Browser, as he walks you through the various TCPA rules for different types of text messaging. He’ll give you best practices on how to stay compliant so you can avoid potential litigation. Adam is a litigation attorney who is a leading TCPA authority.

Don’t miss your chance to learn practical applications of this ruling for your organization, as well as the rules for different types of SMS messages and examples of appropriate and risky text messages. You will walk away with facts to share with your team as you enhance your communications strategy.
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