Following the Rules of the Texting Road -Fireside Chat with Author of CTIA Guidelines


Compliance can be the difference between success and failure in many industries, and Business Texting is no exception. Violations and Audits by CTIA can shut you down from using this critical channel to connect with clients and prospects.

TrueDialog, a leading Communications-Platform-as-a-Service company that leverages an Enterprise-Grade SMS Business Texting Solution, is continuing a Learning Series to empower you with the information needed to make more effective decisions across your communications strategy.

Join TrueDialog CEO John Wright and industry expert Brien Jones-Lantzy, Head of Compliance, Spam and Fraud Mitigation at Sinch, for a fast-moving 45 minute free webinar:

Participants will achieve:

  1. Understanding of the critical importance of operator standards and regulations to protect the texting ecosystem;
  2. Critical knowledge about CTIA, the wireless industry’s trade association, from the expert who authored many of its original guidelines;
  3. Best practices to execute proper short code Marketing, including consent, privacy, and language or content to avoid;
  4. Ways to avoid pitfalls related to suspended, reactivated, or terminated numbers, including an expansion beyond a one-year timeframe;
  5. Benefit from a robust Q&A discussion featuring input from webinar participants.

Join us for 45 minutes to enhance your knowledge and make yourself even more valuable and successful.


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