On-Demand Webinar

Native SMS Integration for Salesforce: How It Works and Why It’s So Valuable

Did you know that people check their phones on average of 160 times per day and texts have a 98% open rate? Companies are adding SMS to their marketing strategies because it’s proven to be effective. But how do you make it seamless and integrated with Salesforce to consolidate data and boost productivity and efficiency?

Whether you’re already using a third-party SMS provider, are building your own integrations, or are new to SMS texting, this webinar will walk you through how to optimize this highly effective communications channel and leverage the power of native integration in Salesforce.

You’ll learn: 

  • Why SMS messaging communication is important for your business
  • Why your SMS messages should be native within Salesforce
  • How to eliminate all manual effort to log text messages within Salesforce
  • Why 1:1 and bulk messaging are so important natively in Salesforce
  • How to report on SMS message activities within Salesforce