On-Demand Webinar

4 things you should know about SMS before you start texting fans

Increasing ticket sales and fan engagement are attractive outcomes for any sports organization. And as more of them turn to SMS/texting platforms to achieve those goals, what should they be mindful of before implementing any platform. Especially when there are federal laws like the TCPA they need to be cognizant of to avoid hefty fines caused by negligence.

Learn from one of the nation’s leading TCPA experts, Adam Bowser, as he walks you through the various TCPA rules for different types of text messaging. He’ll give you best practices on how to stay compliant so you can avoid potential litigation.

You will learn:

  • The TCPA laws around marketing vs. informational messages
  • Examples of marketing, informational and emergency messages
  • Best practices for texting fans/customers to achieve your sales goals – tickets, concessions, merchandise.