TrueDialog Offers More Integrations at a Lower Price than Sakari

Sakari limits your CRM options. Get the platform that truly sets you up for success.

TrueDialog vs. Sakari: You Decide

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, Sakari provides SMS support for businesses and other organizations. They charge their customers a premium price but are unable to provide them with some features that are crucial for modern marketing. For example, Sakari doesn’t provide SMS integrations for some of the industry’s most popular CRM platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Without an integration, customers are forced to send and receive texts from outside the CRM, decreasing overall productivity and increasing attribution mistakes and follow up time.

If you’re like other organizations, you will prefer TrueDialog’s cloud-based SMS texting solution because of our many CRM integrations and how it delivers lower prices and a wider array of features. We also provide more comprehensive support, with a service team based in the United States across all time zones.

Let’s take a closer look at how TrueDialog and Sakari stack up.

True Dialog Logo SMS Magic Logo
Full range of CRM Integrations
50%+ Savings With Enterprise Volume Pricing
Mass Text Messaging
No Limits on Message Volume/Subscribers per Campaign
Direct Carrier Connections
AI assistant for Chat, Text, Social Messaging
Microsoft Azure ISO 9001 Cloud Dual Database
No Setup Fee Across All Pricing Plans
Consistent Access to Both Short Codes and Long Codes
FERPA & FCC Compliant Platform
Reliable Mobile Apps
Multi-User Team-to-1 Dialog at Scale
Call Center SMS Texting Solution
Free Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
Fully Documented SMS API
Voice For All Customers
Text Scheduling Engine
Overall capabilities and value to cut costs
and reach more students.

Don’t Be Held Back by Sakari’s Limitations

The biggest concern with Sakari is that it offers fewer and lower quality CRM integrations. If you use popular solutions such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, you’re out of luck because Sakari doesn’t offer you a native integration. You’ll instead be forced to use a third-party connection that exposes your proprietary data to risk, increases the opportunity for errors, decreases system reliability, and prevents you from messaging directly from your CRM.

Even the CRM integrations that Sakari does offer are short on features and won’t let you maximize the power of the platform. Sakari’s HubSpot integration, for example, only provides a limited set of features for your SMS campaigns. Because it’s not a truly native integration, you will also need to deal with the inconvenience and data lag that comes from using two different systems.

TrueDialog has spent years developing a native HubSpot integration that remedies all these problems, and we’re committed to helping you get the best performance and value from your CRM. And unlike Sakari, we provide a full range of integrations to support all the various platforms your organization might be using. Our 100% native SMS integrations are compatible with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics as well.

The TrueDialog integration process is incredibly easy and allows you to message directly from within your CRM/Marketing Automation Platform. This fully synced approach is ideal because it protects your data, delivers top-notch reliability, and tracks all your messaging. You’ll get team-based, multi-user 2-way texting with our proprietary "TrueDialog'' feature, which also enables you to create mass SMS marketing campaigns.

To save you time and effort, our 100% native integration is compatible with the automation system with your CRM. For example, you can use HubSpot “Workflow” to build the perfect automation for your campaigns. By incorporating personalization tokens, you can also ensure the messages are personalized and will get the best response possible from recipients.

You Deserve Better Rates and Better Performance

Another issue with Sakari is their pricing. Sakari charges high rates that can limit your marketing campaigns. You’re paying premium rates and getting less-than-premium features.

Our enterprise-grade SMS texting platform provides better value than Sakari and gives you more tools for connecting with your audience. We have more than a decade of experience and are proud to offer you the industry’s best support and reliability. In fact, we can likely save you 50% or more from what you’re spending to text your audience. How?


We’re built to be less expensive

TrueDialog has direct carrier connections, a robust ISO 9001 cloud-database and 99.99% uptime. This all adds up to outstanding deliverability at prices well below our competitors who rely on third parties and intermediaries.


We don’t require coding

Coding takes resources. Our no-code integrations mean there’s zero coding, so you can move faster and save money. Whether you use long or short codes, you’ll spend less to send thousands to millions of 1-to-1 or mass text messages per month.


We don’t charge extra for amazing features

We don’t believe in charging for features you really need. We built our SMS platform with dozens of standard features you’ll actually use. We also offer a range of pricing plans to fit your requirements and your budget.


We streamline your vendor management

Some SMS vendors use automation tools as intermediaries between their messaging services and client databases. With TrueDialog, you work directly with us, and only us, with no extra fees or slow delivery rates.


We offer volume discounts

Many vendors build their interfaces on top of other providers’ SMS APIs. As resellers, they can’t offer volume discounts. We built our own API, so the more texts you send, the more you save.


We’ve been doing this a long time

For more than 10 years, TrueDialog has been innovating our five star-rated SMS texting solution for large-scale businesses, racking up the awards, and delivering the most reliable, robust solution on the market.

TrueDialog’s Five Star-Rated Features

For more than 10 years, we’ve been innovating our SMS texting solution for large-scale businesses, racking up awards, and delivering the most reliable, robust solution on the market. 

100% Native CRM Integration

With HubSpot and other CRMs, you send and receive SMS text messages directly from the application.

Use Automation

Our integration enables you to easily build workflows for your mass texting in HubSpot Workflow and other CRM platforms. 

US-based Customer Support

Get expert responses to your inquiries in just one business day so that you can keep your strategies moving forward.

Flexibility on Messaging Output

Send as many messages as you like and only pay a nominal fee for messages that surpass the amount in your pricing plan.


Administrative Controls

Our user-friendly administrative controls help you monitor agent texts, response times, and language. 

td-icon-Database Manager

Unique Text Numbers

Assign institution-owned, unique business text numbers to each rep or agent with their own text inbox.

td-icon-1-to-1 Text

Multiple Conversations

Reps can manage multiple SMS text conversations at the same time and more than one rep can join each texting dialog.

Engage anywhere

Engage Anywhere

Use TrueDialog anywhere, anytime with our Android and iOS mobile apps.

Team-based Texting

Team-based Texting

Engage in multi-agent, team-based texting with each student, all from the same threaded text conversation.

access controls

Access Levels

Grant different access levels: mass texting, individual texting, group texting or view-only. Add and remove employees on-demand.


Compliance Protection

Enjoy an extra layer of compliance protection with our SMSafe ISO 9001 cloud-based duplicate opt-out database.

Search & Review

Search & Review

Store, search and easily review the history of all SMS interactions.

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