Salesforce Texting Buyer’s Guide Webinar: 5 Critical Evaluation Points

Evaluating SMS/texting platforms can be daunting. Aside from reviewing features, how platforms operate can have a huge impact on your costs and utilization. One operational aspect is how you and your users access the SMS platform. It’s important to find a truly native Salesforce integration in order to realize the full benefit of using SMS/texting. We’ll discuss what makes a true native integration— and how those relate to keeping your costs from spiraling out-of-control. Those include:

  • Ease of implementation: The differences between native integrations and ones using 3rd party tools
  • Ease of use: The best practices and features your users need
  • Ease of deployment: Off the shelf, versus customizations that require developers
  • Cost structure: per message and seat fees
  • Support: what to look for during onboarding and ongoing.

See the integration in action! Watch a short webinar demo.