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Why Do Carriers Require Registration?

While 10-digit long code (10DLC) has been a powerful asset for application-to-person (A2P) business messaging, there are now registration requirements from carriers to be aware of. Why is registration needed? What is the process?

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Just as you want to take care of your customers and provide them with excellent service, carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile also want to keep their own customers happy. Which means they want to prevent businesses from sending spam and other unwanted messages. This is simply a case of them protecting their brand.

By implementing these A2P 10DLC regulations, carriers are taking an active role in determining who is sending messages, and what those messages contain. You start with the one-time process of registering your organization which is referred to as the brand. You’ll then need to register for a campaign, which is your use case to demonstrate how you will be using SMS.

Aside from a decrease in spam, customers won’t notice much of a difference in the A2P messages they’re receiving. When 10DLC registration is done correctly, everyone wins. Businesses get better deliverability and higher throughput, carriers protect their subscribers from unwanted messages, and customers get the most relevant content in a timely manner.

What Is Required to Register Your Business for A2P 10DLC?

To register your organization, you’ll need to provide The Campaign Registry with a specific set of information to determine your identity and business purpose. Pay attention to the process and don’t leave anything out, as even small errors can delay your ability to use 10DLC.

What’s needed:

  • Your business’s name
  • Your business’s physical address
  • Your business’s type
  • Business status (are you private or public?)
  • If you’re public, your stock ticker and exchange
  • Your tax number or ID or EIN (if tax exempt you will also need your 501(c)(3) documentation)
  • Your website URL
  • Your industry
  • Your regions of business operation
  • Contact information for an authorized representative

For businesses that send messages on behalf of customers, an additional step is required. After providing the information listed above, you’ll also be required to register your customers. So you should work with all your clients to gather the necessary information so that they can enter the registry and get their own trust scores.

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How Do You Register Your Campaigns?

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After registering your organization and obtaining a trust score, you’ll be ready to register each individual campaign you plan to launch. This registration will determine the carrier and campaign fees you’ll be charged, as well as throughput and the number of daily messages.

To register an A2P 10DLC campaign you’ll need:

  • The use case
  • A description of the campaign
  • Sample messages from the campaign (including TXTStop2End)

As you can see, campaign registration is a much simpler process. This is because you’ll already have submitted a trove of information about your organization during the initial brand registration process.

If you are sending messages on behalf of customers, the same basic information will be needed to register their campaigns. Just submit the use case, campaign description, and sample messages to get the campaign registered and the fees and limits determined.

Effectively Managing Your A2P System

Once you’ve completed the necessary registrations, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of 10DLC. For example, you’ll be using a local number that customers recognize, it can be voice-enabled, and you’ll get enhanced throughput and deliverability.

But errors in your A2P campaigns can damage your trust score and trigger fines. So it’s important that you follow CTIA best practices. The TrueDialog text management platform specializes in 10DLC and can be integrated directly with your data management system. You’ll be able to track all your messages, ensure compliance, and maximize your A2P efforts.

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