Top 8 Reasons Mass SMS Marketing Works

Mass SMS marketing (or bulk SMS marketing) is text message communications sent to a database of contacts. As the word “mass” implies, these types of campaigns are done at scale and typically involve a large number of recipients.

Right out of the gate, mass SMS marketing through a platform like HubSpot has a distinct element that makes it different from banner ads, PPC, billboards, and other common forms of advertising. The recipients have all chosen to receive them. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits marketers from texting anyone that’s not from a consenting database. This means that you have a higher chance of engagement because you’re not merely flashing a message in front of a random person’s face and hoping that they respond.

Of course, there are many more factors that give mass SMS marketing in HubSpot an advantage over most other types of advertising. For example, texting is the preferred communication channel for most audiences. Did you know that the average open rate for text messages is 98%? Emails get a paltry 20% open rate, while other advertising channels garner even lower engagement rates. The average response time for text messages is similarly high, averaging about 90 seconds.

It’s clear that mass SMS marketing provides your organization with unique opportunities to connect with customers and drive sales. Let’s look at 8 additional reasons why text marketing at scale is such a powerful thing.

1. Helps you stand out from the crowd

Even though text messaging is the preferred method of communication for the vast majority of consumers, many of your competitors likely aren’t using it effectively for their marketing. Why people don’t leverage texts in our increasingly mobile-focused world is mind-boggling. Use this disconnect to your advantage by leaning into mass SMS marketing to help your brand shine. Customers will appreciate that you’re reaching them in their favorite way and will reward you with brand loyalty.

2. Spurs rapid engagement

Remember how the average text gets a response within 90 seconds? With emails, which are incredibly popular among marketers, the response time leaps to 90 minutes. Texting therefore gives you the ability to send crucial reminders, rapid surveys, or time-sensitive promotions. It’s the easiest and fastest way to engage your base and get results.

3. Gives you impressive flexibility

With the speed of delivery and response, mass SMS marketing in HubSpot also provides you with versatility. You can welcome new customers, share exciting news, or promptly deliver support that’s needed. The phrase “the sky’s the limit” gets thrown around a lot, but it definitely applies here. By customizing messages to recipients’ needs, you can provide what’s needed and build trust.

4. Saves you money

Compared to many other forms of marketing, SMS campaigns are exceptionally cost effective. This means that everyone from small businesses up to enterprise-level organizations can afford to use this impactful form of communication. Taking into account the higher-than-average open and response rates, mass SMS marketing has the potential to bring in some of your highest returns on marketing investment.

5. Avoids the dreaded spam filters

When email marketers click send, they face a host of potential obstacles that can prevent them from reaching customers’ inboxes. For example, filters might flag the bulk nature of the email sent and banish it to the spam folder. Or it could easily end up in Gmail’s promotions tab, where many users never venture. With mass SMS marketing, your messages go straight to the recipient’s text inbox.

6. Empowers your tracking efforts

Want to know just how effective your deliverability is? A HubSpot SMS app like TrueDialog will provide accurate tracking of stats like unsubs and bounced messages that enables you to refine your strategies. You can also use trackable links in your campaigns so that you can keep an eye on every aspect of your marketing and continue making refinements.

7. Converts at a high rate

Getting customers to quickly open a message is a great start. Getting them to engage with the content is impressive. Where mass SMS marketing really shines, however, is in conversions. Thanks to the simplicity of text messages, your call to action will stand out with unmatched clarity. It’s no wonder that text messages get better conversion rates than emails and other comparable forms of advertising.

8. Makes it easy to incorporate

You can introduce mass SMS marketing into your strategy with relative ease. The secret is to partner with a HubSpot SMS app that can support enterprise-level SMS campaigns and personalized two-way texting. TrueDialog is the industry leader in handling whatever volume you require, while also empowering you to have meaningful conversations with your customers.

Our platform is effortless to use, provides 100% integration, and can get up and running in minutes. Then you’ll be able to set up, send, and edit campaigns in three easy steps. Plus, our US-based customer service team is standing by to provide answers and help you navigate any challenges. They pride themselves on responding to all requests within 24 hours.

 Want to see how mass SMS marketing can enhance your strategies? Our experts would love to walk you through TrueDialog’s features during a low-pressure 10-minute demo.

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