Best CRM for Texting Tips

Integrating SMS texting into your current CRM is easy and low cost with pre-built integrations for SMS platforms. Combine the power of your CRM with a Salesforce SMS, Marketo SMS, or Microsoft Dynamics SMS integrated solution to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your ROI.

CRM for Texting Automates Workflow

The two main purposes of any hardware/software integration are to reduce workload and improve operational ROI. Adding SMS texting to your current CRM (such as Salesforce, Adobe (Marketo), or Microsoft Dynamics) is a prime example. Many repetitive tasks can be eliminated, while those that remain can be significantly simplified.

Better Customer Service

Let’s face it: faster response times increase overall conversion rates. In fact, contacting a lead within 5 minutes increases your engagement and chance for conversion exponentially. You’re 100x more likely to connect and 21x more likely to qualify and convert than if they languish in your leads pipeline.

Integrating your existing CRM for texting makes responding to customers more straightforward than ever.

Implementing a contact center solution allows agents, help desk teams, and employees to conduct threaded, multi-user, team-based SMS conversations at scale. These messages can be shared across teams seamlessly, eliminating the risk of human error or delays. Short code and long code messages will appear within the same text thread.

This capability allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate mass SMS marketing messages and text notifications with personalized 1-to-1 texting dialog for an unparalleled customer experience. Businesses respond faster and save time by allowing multiple agents to contribute to customer support conversations using a single group thread.

This is a much more effective approach than maintaining separate, single-agent conversations or frantically digging through a series of disparate texts or emails.

Automatic CRM Information Updates

Previously, sending text messages and updating your CRM records were separate functions. But with an integrated enterprise SMS texting solution, that’s no longer the case. Third party integration intuitively translates conversations into CRM leads and automatically updates customer accounts.

A genuinely native SMS integration builds enterprise-grade texting directly into your CRM instance. Imagine sending texts and having them automatically logged into your analytics CRM data for Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics. No separate windows, no more copying and pasting, and no more editing in multiple systems. Each new conversation seamlessly flows into your chosen CRM.

Not to mention that texting is a highly-efficient way to engage with customers. Statistics show that at least 60% of mobile users read text messages in 5 minutes or less. People are also 4.5x more likely to respond to an SMS than an email, making it over and above a more effective approach than traditional outreach methods.

Reminders and Notifications

With SMS integration bringing together CRM with texting, both clients and employees stay up-to-date with the latest account information. Agents can use text messages to remind customers of upcoming events automatically. Or push instant notifications to fellow employees regarding updated tasks, assignments, or meetings.

Messages entered into your CRM database can be scheduled for delivery or dispersed in real time. Doing so keeps customers happy and helps employees close more deals.

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SMS Integration Improves Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is another key benefit of integrating SMS texting with your existing Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle (Eloqua) or Microsoft Dynamics database. Merging your CRM and text messaging platform allows employees to be more productive and responsive. Easily see message history and customize message data flow into your CRM. The perfect combination to make better use of limited resources – whether it be time, personnel, or technology assets.

Unified Communication

One of the most significant advantages of integration is bringing your communication and client data together under one roof. TrueDialog’s enterprise messaging solutions provide “native” integration between your existing CRM and cutting-edge SMS capabilities.

Imagine texting a customer account from directly within Salesforce. No more jumping between screens or having to duplicate your work in multiple systems. Sent messages (and responses) are automatically logged as CRM events with no extra effort required.

Leveraging your CRM for texting creates a unified communication hub.

Now you can respond to customers and manage internal communications using one interface. Agents have instant access to client records and can easily view text, email, and call history in a single consolidated CRM record.

Customers decide how to interact with your company while reps seamlessly switch options to accommodate their preferences. And employees benefit too.

SMS integration means sales teams are notified about CRM account events or lead assignments as they happen. This insight enables agents to be more prepared when responding to clients, and more understanding of their needs before making contact.

Most importantly, increased efficiency means sales and support reps can manage additional client requests. Thus, generating more leads while simultaneously expanding your customer service capabilities.

CRM SMS Integration Enhances Marketing Campaigns

Brands using SMS messaging for opt-in marketing and mass texting see exceptional results. Not only is this medium-fast and incredibly affordable, but it obliterates the ROI of traditional advertising methods.

Research has shown that text message open and response rates are a whopping 98%. Email marketing, on the other hand, is lucky to hit 20%. Factor in that nearly all US adults own cell phones (with text messaging being the preferred means of communication), and these stats become impossible to ignore.

Blended Marketing Options

Innovative SMS solutions allow brands to combine their email and text marketing into a single enterprise-grade solution. Once integrated with Marketo, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics, businesses can deploy SMS texting campaigns just as simply as traditional email promotions.

Better yet, these same mass marketing texts can be effortlessly converted into 2-way personalized messages as needed. This makes CRM for texting an ideal option for companies wanting to do both (at scale) with multiple contact center reps, client agents, or mobile field employees.

User Segmentation

In order to take full advantage of these hybrid communication options, audience segmentation is a must. An enterprise-grade SMS platform facilitates real-time interactions with inbound leads and provides easy-to-use options for customer follow-ups and appointment requests.

Native SMS Texting integration with most CRMs means robust SMS segmentation options for promotions and/or retargeting campaigns. Send welcome deals to new customers while offering loyalty rewards to existing clients – at the same time.

SMS text messaging integration allows for process-driven campaigns as part of your marketing automation strategy. Using the built-in components of your CRM software, SMS texting can be included as a process or activity (since all users fall into different parts of your automation process).

All of this is possible within the comfort and security of your existing CRM platform using a cloud-based enterprise-grade texting solution.

Custom Reports

Pre-built SMS integrations provide an array of expanded reporting options to analyze data and extract metrics. Since SMS is defined as its own object, CRM administrators can quickly build custom reports that include individual CRM objects for reporting.

For example, if you want to look at click rates or opt-out rates of email vs SMS, native CRM integrations make the process simple.

Raising the Bar in Enterprise SMS/CRM Integration

When it comes to SMS pricing and reliability, the best CRM for texting solution will offer efficiency with a comprehensive feature set that scales with your business. Look for a platform that offers corporate text messaging solutions with pre-built features. All are available through a turn-key, enterprise-grade platform or brilliantly designed SMS APIs for developers.

Look for other benefits and features such as:

  • Direct Carrier Connections – Eliminate 3rd party middlemen and provide customers with unparalleled reliability. This reduces points of failure and improves deliverability.
  • 2-Way Texting Features at Scale – Choose a solution with texting software and contact center SMS solutions to enable both mass short code texting and 2-way text dialogs with threaded, multi-user conversations all in the same platform.
  • Seamlessly combine both short code and long code messages in the same thread, allowing you to send mass text messages then engage in one-to-one conversations.
  • Compliance – Businesses are legally required to enable easy opt-out and honor this request from their subscribers. Avoid accidentally texting opted-out contacts by choosing an SMS platform with a duplicate ISO 9001 cloud database.
  • Native SMS CRM Integration – Seamless integration with major CRM applications including Salesforce SMS, Marketo SMS, Microsoft Dynamics SMS, Oracle Eloqua SMS, HubSpot SMS, and CampusNexus SMS.

TrueDialog: The Best CRM for Texting Solution

For SMS/CRM integration, TrueDialog simply can’t be beaten. Our industry-leading  services have won us CIOReview Most Promising Salesforce Solution Providers 2021 and garnered a 5-star rating on Capterra’s Top Rated SMS Software Platform. We provide enterprise-grade SMS texting solutions with more features than the competition – at about half the price.

  • Uninterrupted Workflows
    Use established workflows to import messages into queues or create new routes and triggers based on specific needs.
  • Persistent Conversations
    Quickly scan prior messages using existing CRM records. Agents stay informed and can hand off conversations without missing a beat.
  • Customizable Configurations
    Integrate SMS into multiple data objects (leads, cases, contacts, accounts, etc.) to effortlessly text individuals, groups, or entire organizations at scale.
  • Unified Analytics
    Easily port messaging data between systems for review and analysis.
  • No New Software
    Add text messaging functionality to your current CRM without having to retrain employees.
  • Maximum Agent Efficiency
    Monitor multiple cases simultaneously without needing to jump between screens or applications.

If you’re ready to add integrated SMS capabilities to your existing infrastructure and workflows, contact TrueDialog to learn more about our enterprise-grade SMS platform.