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Send SMS from Salesforce and Improve Workflows

As a business in the modern era, you likely feel like you’ve hit your limit of internal tools to keep things running. From productivity to communication to analysis and more, it seems like there’s always a software platform to fit every need. At some point, it can start to feel like these productivity enhancements are adding more complexity to your workflows and causing some communication breakdowns.

So when you start to learn about adding texting to your marketing strategy to reach a captive audience like never before, you may hesitate. Will adding yet another platform pay off, or will it create confusion and frustration amongst your teams? Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between your bottom line and employee morale when assessing the benefits.

While there are myriad ways that a text strategy is proven to help rather than hinder, the most beneficial aspect comes down to integrations. By integrating your texting approach into existing systems, you can streamline workflows and improve the customer experience. Send SMS from Salesforce, for example, and have all of your business communications in one place.

Why Send SMS from Salesforce?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward: for all the same reasons that you use Salesforce to begin with.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to just leave it at that.

Salesforce allows you to better connect with prospective and current customers and partners. The company’s primary objective is customer retention by keeping your customers happy and helping you to gain insights that will help you as a business.

With that end goal in mind, it’s easy to see how the features of Salesforce enable businesses to reach and serve their customers more effectively and efficiently. The ease of sharing information across internal teams makes collaboration swift and lowers the potential for human error.

When you send SMS from Salesforce, you can apply all of the ease and efficiency of the platform to your text strategy. Rather than creating another communication silo, you can seamlessly add SMS to your marketing plan and your workflows.

SMS Integrations Optimize Workflows

Collaboration amongst teams can be challenging, though you can avoid common breakdowns easily. Issues with internal communication arise with delays in delivering or receiving information or incomplete details passed from one team to another. This creates bottlenecks internally and causes customer experience issues.

There are several reasons that a business may use SMS for their business communications, including direct marketing, ongoing support, customer service, and more. Business SMS can be one-way or two-way, allowing you to either send messages with promotions or information or to create a dialogue with your recipient.

Salesforce offers an opportunity for cohesion, keeping track of messages in a single space. By making information available from a single point, your teams can streamline their communication with one another and externally with customers and partners.

By using integrations to send SMS from Salesforce, all of your communication with your contacts is clear, complete, and accessible by anyone who may need it. That includes all communication and not only text messages, of course.

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Benefits of Salesforce Integration

We’ve touched on a few of the benefits of Salesforce integrations for SMS, but let’s look at more ways why being able to send SMS from Salesforce will work in your favor.

Stay in One Place

Both attention and productivity are easily lost in navigating between systems. When you send SMS from Salesforce, you don’t need to toggle from one screen to the next. Integrations allow you to turn Salesforce into a command center, making virtually all customer-related actions available from a single portal.

Transparency Amongst Teams

Whether they mean to or not, there is often a feeling of disconnection amongst disparate teams. This can stem from lack of communication, unclear communication, or even something as practical as physical distance from one another.

When you use integrations to send SMS from Salesforce, you increase transparency amongst teams and foster a better working relationship across the organization. No matter who may need to access information on a customer or segment, all the exact details are available to all.

Marketing departments, customer service, technical support, and sales teams can quickly check communication and case history. No more nagging or getting into annoying “ask ___ department instead” loops.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

For all of the reasons we’ve listed above – and more – integrating to send SMS from Salesforce means time savings for your team members. 

Toggling between different platforms to take action takes time.

Duplicating information to ensure records are complete across systems takes time.

Sending updates and requests to team members takes time. 

These things add up to many lost hours and a lot of energy spent on unnecessary steps. Salesforce API integration increases efficiency and saves your employees time. You’ll also have happier employees when they get to decrease these tedious elements of getting the job done and can instead find their rhythm.

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Reduce Human Error

Try as we might, errors happen on occasion. After all, we’re only human.

Human error is an inescapable element of being a non-robot species and one we simply need to account for. While mistakes will happen, businesses can lean on technology to help avoid them where possible.

The more steps there are in a process, the more likely something will get missed along the way. The same goes for forgetting, misplacing, or misdirecting information when someone transcribes or passes the message to another person.

Integration eliminates the need for extra steps, thereby reducing human error. When you send an SMS from Salesforce, the system will automatically keep a record of the contact’s information.

Improve Customer Experience

A business is as happy as its customers. Without satisfied customers, your retention drops, and you find yourself perpetually chasing new clients. Happy customers are long-lasting customers and will complement your marketing efforts with word-of-mouth recommendations.

You could have the best product and price on the market, but if your customer service is unreachable, your clients will not stick around. By making life easier on your internal teams, you can bring value to your customers at all stages of the sales cycle.

Keeping your information in one place offers a more comprehensive look at your market segments. You will benefit from more significant insights into your current and potential customers, which will help inform decisions about marketing outreach going forward. 

SMS Platform Integration with Salesforce

When you’re ready to leverage the power of SMS with the ease of use within Salesforce, TrueDialog offers a complete solution that won CIOReview Most Promising Salesforce Solution Provider 2021 award. Our enterprise-grade SMS platform enables one- or two-way texting and supports both short codes and long codes.

Disclaimer: Please note that this advice is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.