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Oracle Eloqua SMS Integration: Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

After years of doing things the “old-fashioned way,” you’ve modernized your marketing approach. Hearing about how comprehensive and robust Oracle’s closed-loop marketing tool is, you decide to implement Eloqua and take full advantage of marketing automation. After overcoming a brief learning curve, your marketing team is thrilled to have a comprehensive tool to make their lives easier and their ideas more effective.

All is going well when it comes to strategy and execution, and your team is even dreaming up new concepts now that they can leverage automation to take some of the busy work off their hands. Now what?

You have a unique opportunity to drive a strong marketing strategy. With Eloqua SMS integration, you’re able to leverage the capabilities of Eloqua while rising to meet a modern consumer market. SMS is the most effective way to reach customers swiftly in this day and age. Coupled with Eloqua, you’ll see the power of marketing automation and text outreach.

What Is Eloqua SMS Integration?

Think of Eloqua SMS integration as another team member. One that happily works overtime, strives to make your life easier in any way possible, and once you hire them, you wonder how you ever made it without them. Sounds pretty good, right?

In a nutshell, that’s what this approach does for you. Eloqua SMS integration gives you native access to the power of SMS from right within Oracle’s Eloqua platform. It makes sending and receiving text a breeze and eliminates the need to toggle between platforms.

More than enabling you to send and receive text messages quickly, it also helps to consolidate and track your text campaigns all in one place. You’ll level up your efficiency, campaigns, and marketing workflows, all with this simple integrated approach.

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Where Does SMS Fit into Marketing Outreach?

It’s no secret that people are pretty attached to their phones nowadays. According to a report, 80% of Americans check their phone within 10 minutes of waking up, and 83% feel uneasy if they leave home without their device. In a 2021 survey conducted by Statista, nearly half of respondents said they spend an estimated five to six hours on their phones each day, not including work usage.

These stats are, of course, only scratching the surface on mobile phone usage, though they highlight one crucial and notable fact: Americans are never far from their phones. SMS is the most effective way to reach your audience in the modern era.

The average open rate for an SMS marketing message is 98%. Compare that with 18% for email, and it’s clear where you should invest your efforts. SMS is the most effective way to deliver messages to your audience and keep your brand front of mind. You can easily engage your prospective and current customers with short, actionable messages.

Benefits of SMS Integration

We’ve talked about some benefits of SMS as a part of your marketing strategy, but where does the integration piece come in? It’s true that you can launch text marketing campaigns from within your SMS platform, but there are numerous benefits to seamless integration with Eloqua.

Many software tools look great on paper but become clunky in practice. The importance of a tool is that it is practical, approachable, and has a positive impact on the workflow of your team members. Eloqua SMS integration has all of that and more, making adoption easy and ROI measurable.

Ease of Use

Native Eloqua SMS integration is easy to use, adding functionality from right within the Eloqua platform. Whether your marketing team is already using Eloqua or is planning to implement it, integration means having all of the power of your SMS platform and marketing efforts in one place.

You won’t need to toggle between apps and screens and search for information on disparate platforms. Enterprise-class integration means all of the communications from your marketing campaigns and SMS outreach are available at the click of a button.

Low Learning Curve

Many businesses hesitate to move with the times, feeling torn between understanding the necessity and the burden of onboarding a new system. Many modern tools have steep learning curves and in all of their efforts to increase productivity, they can create a period in the contrary as team members figure out these new systems.

By leveraging Eloqua SMS integration, you’ll have everything available to you through the Eloqua platform. Once you have set up your SMS tool, your team can carry on as they always have with the simplicity of added objectives.

Streamline Workflows

Siloed working and clunky workflows are the bane of many organizations. Burdens of passing information from one team to the next can cause delays or missed tasks. There is also a higher instance of human error when team members need to relay messages from one team or team member to another.

By consolidating all of your information in one place, you can easily pass tasks and details from one person to another. All of your SMS communication will be housed within the Eloqua platform, meaning all customer outreach activity is updated in real-time and accessible by all.

Efficiently run a direct marketing campaign with SMS outreach and pass the details to your sales department as your lead progresses to a conversion.

Consolidated Analytics

Campaigns are only as powerful (and successful) as the insights you gain from them. While most marketing campaigns aim to convert leads, you can learn just as much from those that don’t manage to convert.

With consolidated analytics made possible by Eloqua SMS integration, you can be sure to have a clear and comprehensive view of all of your marketing campaigns and their results. Since messages can be one- or two-way, you can follow all of the communications relevant to your campaigns even as they move through the sales cycle.

Eloqua integration isn’t only valuable to marketing but the rest of your organization due to the power of comprehensive reporting features.

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Integration is Your Greatest Support

Even the most powerful tools available are only as useful as they are, well, usable. That’s why Eloqua SMS integration takes things to the next level. The benefits abound for functionality, clarity, and approachability to ensure you have the buy-in of your marketing team.

TrueDialog is an enterprise-class SMS platform that will easily join your workforce. With seamless native Eloqua SMS integration, you’ll boost your marketing efforts in a few easy steps.

Send and receive SMS from within the Eloqua platform and track interactions as your broader marketing strategy elements. Whether you’re sending mass short code texts to your entire subscriber list, specialized messages to one customer segment, or personalized two-way communications to individuals, you can craft and distribute messages with ease.

Disclaimer: Please note that this advice is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.