Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses

Fact: The #1 form of communication is done through cell phones

So why do most small businesses shy away from implementing a mobile strategy?

As a consumer we can pretty much do everything on the go with our cell phones. The fact is that there are more searches being done on mobile devices than any other piece of technology, but the reality is that most small businesses are by passing the idea of using technology for marketing, business development, and general business operations.



Common thoughts on mobile marketing:
1) It’s too expensive
2) It’s only for large businesses
3) It’s too complicated I would never be able to understand it

It’s Too Expensive & It’s Only For Large Businesses
Four or five years ago when the use of a mobile strategy first emerged they were very expensive.  Large businesses were paying top dollar for cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of their competitors.

Today, small businesses have affordable mobile marketing strategies at their fingertips that can give them an edge and put them on the same level as larger businesses.  Small businesses don’t have to pay exuberant amounts of money to implement an SMS (text marketing) campaign or have a mobile website.  For a small monthly payment, small businesses can create a professional looking mobile website for individuals who are searching on-the-go and send out text messages to their customers to offer them special promotions to get them back in their stores more frequently.

It’s too complicated
Individuals shy away from mobile marketing because they think it’s too complicated for them to understand and operate.  The truth is that small business owners can easily  operate a platform designed to create mobile websites and text marketing campaigns from their personal computers.

Mobile is here now.  It’s up to small businesses to step out and take advantage of affordable mobile marketing strategies to engage the fast paced consumers while on-the-go. Contact 3Seventy to learn more about mobile strategies for small businesses!

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