5 Reasons Sales Teams Should Use a Mobile Selling Solution

50% of sales executives stated that failure of an organization to keep product knowledge current was a major setback for the sales teams, according to a study by Microstrategy. And one out every two sales personal state that limited access to key information makes closing sales a challenge.  Moving to mobile strategy can help any company solve internal issues.

To maximize the performance of a sales team and drive revenue growth at a faster rate, more companies are leveraging mobile tools. Mobile applications, for example, have become integrated into many enterprise selling solutions in order to make the sales team more efficient by giving them access to information no matter where they go.

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5 reasons sales teams should use mobile selling solutions:

1. Increased Productivity

Sales teams work more efficiently when utilizing mobile selling solutions. Whether they receiving SMS alerts from the CRM system to keep track of hot leads or a mobile app to have mobile access to presentations, there are variety of mobile tools to increase sales team productivity.

2. Access to Information

Having the right information at their fingertips helps your sales team quickly take action. Access to the most up to date and impactful content at any time, regardless of location or device, makes it easy for the marketing to connect with on-the-go sales people.

3. More Flexibility

Mobile tools bring more flexibility and convenience to your sales team. Using SMS or a Mobile Website to look up prospect information with a few clicks gives them greater access to key information. Sales people can move seamlessly through a conversation and adapt it to meet prospect needs, and impressing them with multimedia such as video.

4. Better Tracking

Understanding the value of sales content is essential for the marketing team, that is impossible to track without a system in place. Marketers want to know what content the sales team is using and which pieces are producing the best results. The best mobile selling solutions have reports integrated to provide marketers with key data about content usage  to help them create  the most relevant collateral. Reporting also allows the marketing team  to track the true ROI of their content.

5. Connecting a Disperse Sales Team

The boom in disperse sales teams has created communication issues and imbalance in some companies. Using a mobile selling solution such as a tablet application helps sales teams to share information and insights into the sales experience. Whether it is feedback on a sales presentation or accessing a customer database at any time, anywhere.


The results of using mobile tools: your sales team becomes more effective with customer engagement, develops a deeper understanding of customer needs, and creates a memorable experience by addressing the needs of prospects even while on the go.


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