More Built-In Features Than SlickText, Without the High Price Tag

TrueDialog is a complete texting solution with CRM integrations, call center SMS solutions, mobile apps, and much more.

How does TrueDialog stack-up to SlickText?

TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade texting solution with no limits. Get all the features you need to run your text message campaigns, all while saving up to 59% on every text message sent.

TrueDialog SlickText
Cost Per Text Sent (Up to 1,000) 4.9¢
Cost Per Text Sent (Up to 5,000) 3.8¢
Cost Per Text Sent (Up to 25,000) 1.5¢
Cost Per Text Sent (Up to 50,000) 1.2¢ 2.5¢
Multi-User Team-to-1 Dialog at Scale
Call Center SMS Texting Solution
CRM Integrations
Free Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
SMSafe Dual Cloud Database
Short Codes
Long Codes
Fully Documented SMS API
Android & iOS Mobile Apps

TrueDialog’s State-of-the-Art Team-Based Technology.

Unlike other texting solutions, TrueDialog enables multiple agents to simultaneously contribute to the same text messaging “thread” with your customers through our “Team-to-1 Dialog” feature. Engage in full collaboration, resolve issues faster, and improve customer satisfaction.

Pricing For All Business Sizes

We don’t hold back core features from our plans

Small Business

$99 /month
  • 5,000 messages/minutes included
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 2 cents per message/minute on overage
  • 2 Free Keywords Included with this account
  • CRM Integrations Available
  • Email Support

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Business Pro

$375 /month
  • 25,000 messages/minutes included
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • 1.5 cents per message/minute on overage
  • 3 Free Keywords Included with this account
  • CRM Integrations Available

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$899 /month
  • 75,000 messages/minutes included
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • 1.2 cents per message/minute on overage
  • 5 Free Keywords Included with this account
  • CRM Integrations Available

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Custom Enterprise

$2,499 /month
  • 250,000 messages/minutes included
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • On-site Consultation
  • 1 cent per message/minute on overage
  • 10 Free Keywords Included with this account
  • CRM Integrations Available
  • Lower Prices with Higher Volumes

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Plans Include
  • TrueDialog’s Team Based 2-Way Texting
  • 1-to-Millions Mass Texting
  • Subscription & Opt-In/Out Management
  • Multi-Channel Messaging : Voice, SMS & Email
  • Long Codes & Short Codes (pending carrier approval)

  • SMSafe – Pre-built Compliance Advantage
  • Click-to-Call
  • Drill-Down Reporting
  • Scheduling Engine
  • Text-Enable Your Business Landline
  • Access to SMS API & Documentation
  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps
  • Contact Center SMS Solution
  • Free Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System
  • Customer Support
What Makes Us Different

We’ve pre-built many features to distinguish TrueDialog from other SMS vendors. Here a few that are included with TrueDialog’s SMS software whether you use our turn-key Enterprise SMS Platform, or build a solution with our SMS API, TrueDialog offers more pre-built features at a lower cost.

Professional Administrative Controls:

Contact center directors and managers can monitor response times, language and grant access to different agents at various levels of functionality: mass texting, individual texting and view only. When a rep leaves your organization, you keep the phone number, contacts and all text conversation history to maintain uninterrupted customer service.

Our Unique “TrueDialog” Feature:

Agents can handle multiple customer conversations simultaneously and multiple agents can chime into the same texting dialog with a single customer to create a seamless, threaded experience to fully satisfy your customer even if several agents need to get involved. Our platform is built for this level of dialog at scale for large enterprises.

Enterprise-Grade Software & Deliverability:

Unlike many of our competitors, TrueDialog has invested in building direct carrier connections which eliminate the middleman and provide our customers with two huge benefits: 1) it improves deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties; and 2) it allows us to price our service significantly lower than our competitors.

TrueDialog SMS Mobile Apps:

Contact center agents can manage accounts directly from our desktop platform or from your company’s white-labled text inboxes on each agent’s mobile phone using our Android and IOS Mobile Apps.


Now in our 9th year of serving customers, TrueDialog has built the perfect solution for enterprise-grade SMS texting with our Five-Star Rated cloud-based platform featuring an ISO 9001 database, 99.99% uptime, direct carrier connections and dozens of innovative features developed through years of carefully listening to our customers.

Extensive Pre-built Features:

Dozens of features have already been built for you like our unique TrueDialog Team-Based 2-Way Texting, Contact Center SMS Feature, Scheduling Engine, Admin Controls, SMS Safe Dual Cloud-Database, Landline Texting, Multi-Channel Alert System, Surveys, Click-to-Call and many more. No programming necessary with our full platform. Why build what we’ve already built?


For developers, we offer a fully-documented RESTful SMS API with advanced pre-built features. Our SMS API campaign endpoint lets you send millions of SMS text messages with just one API call. Save time. Code Less. Move Faster.


TrueDialog maintains our own duplicate Opt-Out information in our ISO 9001 cloud-database for extra protection against accidentally texting a contact that has Opted-Out. To achieve this same level of protection on other SMS APIs developers would have to build this capability themselves. This is a significant cost to us, but is greatly valued by our enterprise customers who are serious about compliance.


Seamlessly integrate with information systems & CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Oracles’ Eloqua, Campus Nexus, Velocify and others.

Free Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System:

Send instant Mass Notifications and Alerts with SMS Text, Voice, Email, and Social. Urgent Alert System included at no cost to our enterprise customers.

Drill-Down Reporting:

Use our prebuilt reporting or build your own custom reports with our report endpoints. Drill-down into metrics, response rates and analytics on campaigns and also get admin reports for staff and call center agent productivity. Our CDR logs are stored, searchable and retrievable for compliance and to easily research text message history.


Our campaign endpoint lets you send millions of messages with just one API call.  Other providers require one API call for each message sent.  Stop taxing your systems and bandwidth and get faster delivery.


With our full suite of calling APIs, you can easily deploy click-to-call, bridge calls, conference calls, recorded audio, and call forwarding.

Our Five-Star-Rated Enterprise-Grade SMS Texting Solution is Built for Big Business, yet Made Easy for Small Business.

Now in our 9th year serving customers, we have direct carrier connections and a robust ISO 9001 cloud database with 99.99% uptime. This all adds up to outstanding deliverability at prices that are well below our competitors.

Send text messages 1-to-Millions, or utilize our unique “TrueDialog” feature which enables seamless, multi-user, team-based conversations at scale. We have extensive pre-built features including a Contact Center Solution and Mobile App. All are integrated with major CRMs.

TrueDialog is the perfect SMS provider for enterprise-level SMS customer engagement.

Why Limit Your SMS Capabilities?

TrueDialog’s SMS Texting Platform includes dozens of powerful features. Including our one-of-a-kind “TrueDialog” Feature and Contact Center SMS Solution, SMSafe dual-database and mobile apps that let you manage campaigns from anywhere, anytime. 

  • TrueDialog’s Team-to-1 Texting Solution

  • 1-to-Millions Mass SMS Texting

  • Call Center SMS Texting Solution

  • Multi-Channel Urgent Alert System

  • SMS Survey Engine

  • SMS Scheduling Engine

  • SMS Text Coupon Engine

  • International Capabilities

  • Robust SMS API and Documentation

  • Multi-Channel Messaging: Voice, Email and SMS

  • Landline Texting

  • Android & IOS Mobile Apps w/Admin Controls

  •  VOICE + Click To Call

  • MMS Multimedia Messaging Service

  • Built-in URL Shortener

  • SMS Shortcodes & Texting Long Codes

  • Database Manager & Target Segmentation

  • Drill-Down Reporting Dashboard

  • Pre-built Opt-in, Opt-out & Subscription Management

  • SMS API Software Developer Kits: PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net

  • SMSafe Duplicate Opt-Out Database

Need CRM and Marketing Integrations? Look No Further.

TrueDialog’s cloud based platform has an API first approach which allows our customers to seamlessly integrate with leading CRM and Marketing Automation platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, and Hubspot.

Our RESTful API is the newest and best in the business. We have already built more of what you need, so if you want to save time and move fast, look no further.