HubSpot SMS Text Messaging Integration

Our unique SMS platform combines mass or bulk text messaging and personalized two-way texting at scale. Best of all, you can manage your text messaging campaigns directly from HubSpot.

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Unlocking Business Success: The Dynamic Impact of SMS Marketing

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See our native HubSpot SMS integration in action! Watch the short overview video.

4 Reasons to Choose TrueDialog

100% Native

Not merely a connector, our integration allows you to message directly from HubSpot.

Bulk SMS or 2-Way SMS

Send texts from a Contacts page, with all message activity recorded directly on that record.

Compatible with HubSpot Workflows

Set up automations and easily incorporate SMS messaging into your workflows.

100% US-based

 Customer Support

Headquartered in Austin, all support representatives are based in Michigan, Texas, and California.

Native HubSpot SMS Integration

Designed to scale, our HubSpot SMS integration is 100% native. This means you can text directly from Contact profiles in HubSpot, with no pop-ups that take you to another website. You get two-way texting and mass, or bulk SMS marketing campaigns right within Hubspot so you can increase customer engagement with robust, and scalable texting features.

With TrueDialog's 100% Native Integration, Sending Text Is As Easy as Sending Email in HubSpot

You can install the TrueDialog HubSpot text messaging integration package in just a few simple steps. Then you’ll be able to send and receive SMS text messages on an individual level from a Contact page, as well as mass SMS from HubSpot Workflows. And you’ll be able to
see a log of all SMS sent and received through Notes on the Contact’s Activities interface.

We're happy to show you just how easy SMS messaging is with our native integration and answer any questions in a brief 10-minute demo.

Tap Into HubSpot Workflow for SMS Automation

Save time and resources by using automation for mass texting. Our platform makes it simple to build workflows that help you take your marketing and communications to the next level. And because it is natively integrated you can also use HubSpot personalization tokens.

Easily Create SMS Contact Lists For Mass SMS

Boost customer engagement by importing a list of Contacts along with their properties into the Hubspot database. This list can be used directly on the Workflow to send mass SMS. What’s more the activity of those Contacts are recorded into the timeline of activity, giving your users the visibility they need to create productive customer interactions.

Short & Long Codes for Ultimate Flexibility & Scalability

TrueDialog offers short codes (shortened phone numbers) and long codes (traditional, 10-digit phone numbers) using our proprietary "TrueDialog" feature. Get the most out of SMS texting by using short codes for mass marketing campaigns and long codes for 2-way customer service.

Choose Your Ideal Plan

biz pro

Business Pro

$375 /month

25,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.5 cents per message/minute on overage

HubSpot integration included at no extra cost



$899 /month

75,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1.2 cents per message/minute on overage

Free Keywords Included

HubSpot integration included at no extra cost

sm biz

Custom Enterprise

$2,499 /month

250,000 messages/minutes included

No Setup Fee

Unlimited Contacts

Dedicated Account Rep

1 cent per message/minute on overage

HubSpot integration included at no extra cost

Lower Prices with Higher Volumes

The Features You Need to Succeed

Our platform includes dozens of features that you won’t get with other SMS vendors. So whether you’re using our HubSpot native integration, turn-key Enterprise platform, or customizing a solution with our SMS API, you’ll get more pre-built features at a lower cost.

SMSafe Dual Cloud-Database

We maintain our own duplicate opt-out information in an ISO 9001 cloud database to help you avoid accidentally texting a contact who has opted out. This extra layer of compliance protection adds expense for us but gives you peace of mind. To get this level of protection from other SMS APIs, developers would need to custom build it.

Faster SMS API with Less Bandwidth

Our campaign endpoint lets you rapidly send millions of messages with just one API call. Other providers require one API call for each message sent, which is a huge drain on your systems and bandwidth.

Direct Carrier Connections

We invest in building direct carrier connections in order to eliminate the middleman and provide our customers with substantial benefits other SMS platforms can’t offer. First, it improves deliverability by reducing potential points of failure and reliance on third parties. And it allows us to price our service significantly lower than our competitors.


Now in our 9th year of serving customers, TrueDialog has built the perfect solution for enterprise-grade SMS texting with our Five-Star Rated cloud-based platform featuring an ISO 9001 database, 99.99% uptime, direct carrier connections and dozens of innovative features developed through years of carefully listening to our customers.

TrueDialog's Unique Team-Based 2-Way Texting Feature

Our SMS software includes our unique "TrueDialog" Software & Contact Center SMS Solution which enables two-way text dialogs that create threaded, multi-user, many-to-one conversations at scale. Older “2 way” technology can’t compare.

Scheduling Engine

Schedule campaigns anytime using our Flex Schedule capabilities. No need to use 3rd party scheduling, ours is built in.

Contact Center SMS Texting Solution

Pre-built feature for Call Center Managers. Multiple agents can chime into the same texting dialog with customers to create a seamless, threaded experience to fully satisfy your customer even if several agents need to get involved. Our platform is built for this level of team-based dialogue at scale for large enterprises.

TrueDialog completes your tech stack with a variety of integrations.

TrueDialog's cloud-based platform is an API-first approach and we’re proud to be part of the Hubspot Marketplace.

Need a fully-documented SMS API?

Our RESTful API is the newest and best in the industry. We already built what you need, so why invest in resources and waste time? Save time and move fast with TrueDialog.

Schedule a live demo today!

Book a time to learn more about how we can help you reduce texting costs and increase customer engagement.