Native Salesforce SMS Texting Integration

Send SMS Text Messages Directly From Your Salesforce Instance

Unlike other SMS texting integrations that require you to open another window, or access 3rd party apps, TrueDialog’s SMS texting platform provides a fully integrated Salesforce text messaging experience. 
TrueDialog’s Salesforce texting integration allows you to send SMS text messages from accounts, contacts and leads in real-time. Users can manually send 1-to-1 messages, or schedule 1-to-many SMS marketing campaigns directly from Salesforce.

Salesforce Integrated Text Messaging

  • Install the TrueDialog Salesforce text messaging integration package in a few simple steps
  • Send and receive SMS text messages to individual contacts and leads, or message an entire list
  • Create new SMS texting templates
  • Review ongoing text message activity in your Salesforce contacts

Curious about TrueDialog’s Salesforce SMS texting integration? We’re here to help and would be happy to illustrate the specific features of our Salesforce texting integration and answer any questions in a brief 10 min demo.