TrueDialog Enhances Native Dynamics 365 SMS Integration to Include Customer Journeys

Austin, TX – April 18th, 2023 – TrueDialog, a renowned leader in the SMS texting solutions industry, is dedicated to providing its customers with the best features. The company has announced the expansion of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration to include Customer Journeys, a key feature in Dynamics 365 Marketing that automates marketing outreach. This addition further enhances TrueDialog’s reputation for developing features and integrations that drive exceptional performance and convenience. This upgrade bolsters TrueDialog’s Microsoft offerings which also include an API connector through the Microsoft Power App platform.

With the upgraded integration, organizations can now easily connect with customers and foster internal collaboration between teams. The integration enables and syncs mass texting within Dynamics 365 and Customer Journeys, keeping track of all SMS communications in chronological order. Whether it’s a marketing team member sending a bulk SMS campaign about a new promotion or a sales representative focusing on retention efforts, all communications are clearly logged within a single contact record as well as their opt-in or opt-out status.

John Wright, CEO at TrueDialog, said, “By making a wide range of crucial information viewable across all teams, we’re helping organizations promote collaboration and become more effective in their outreach. With our proprietary ‘TrueDialog’ feature, individual contributors can work together to deliver the best customer experience through team-based, multi-user, two-way texting.”

Another benefit of TrueDialog’s integration is the seamless merging of SMS functionality with Dynamics 365 automation. For example, a marketer can use Customer Journeys to insert an SMS touchpoint in a marketing flow.

TrueDialog offers an expert support team based in the United States to assist users in getting the most out of their upgraded integration.

About TrueDialog

Headquartered in Austin, TX and founded in 2008, TrueDialog is an innovative communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) company. Our team of veteran messaging experts has built the premier mass text messaging and customer support texting platform in the industry by carefully listening to our 1,000s of customers. TrueDialog’s technology is enterprise-grade, cloud-based, API-centric, and with an ISO 9001 database, direct carrier connections and 99.9% uptime, is secure and stable to meet the needs of the largest enterprise businesses and higher education institutions. Customers can send mass text messages or utilize our unique “TrueDialog” feature which enables seamless, multi-user, team-based customer support texting at scale. For more information, visit