Text Message Marketing Effective Strategy for Businesses

I was intrigued to learn that the majority of mobile phone users like to receive promotional text message offers. The results of a survey conducted by YouGov indicate that 65 percent of mobile phone users fall into his category.
The survey results also indicated that 75 percent of smartphone owners prefer receiving offers via text message, which indicates  text message marketing can be an effective way to reach out to potential buyers. A full 83 percent of respondents stated that their preference would be to receive two offers per month, or less.
Unlike other types of marketing efforts,text messages are more likely to be opened by the recipient. I think that getting a prospective buyer to look at what is being communicated to him or her is half the battle in an effective strategy for businesses. A business could be offering a wonderful product or service but if prospective buyers don’t read the advertising messages, it is a moot point.
What do these survey results mean for your business? Now that you know that mobile phone users are willing to read SMS offers received on their handheld devices, add this element to your mobile marketing efforts. You will want to set up a schedule so that your target market receives your offers a couple of times a month to avoid overwhelming them with too many offers.
As long as you make sure that your messages are interesting and relevant to your target audience, you have a very good chance of having the recipient follow through by making a purchase.

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