True Dialog Social Media Integrations

Social Messaging: A Powerful Complement to SMS

It’s Business 101: Meet your customers where they are. And for millions of customers, where they are is on social apps.

That’s why TrueDialog enables your business to communicate with customers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram — all in a single place. These integrations add to the suite of channels you can manage within TrueDialog’s web-based portal, including SMS, MMS, email, and voice messaging.

Scalability with individuality 

By unifying these channels, TrueDialog enables you to communicate at scale while remaining attentive to the individual customer. Send thousands of notifications, reminders, or promotions at once with the ability to answer customer questions, address issues, and provide instant, personalized customer service. 

Previously, in order to support customers across multiple channels, your team would need to juggle separate dashboards or APIs. Because of the time and complexity required to manage these options, businesses would rely on fewer channels, often leaving out a customer’s preferred messaging platform. With TrueDialog, you can set up a single message to be delivered across all the leading channels.

“Our goal is to help businesses enhance their customer experience through more effective communication,” said TrueDialog CEO John Wright. “Customers often prefer chat to schedule appointments, check their order status, or receive special offers. They’re already spending time on social messaging apps, meaning your business should, too.”

Two-way, the smart way

In order to provide a holistic experience to customers, your business needs a holistic view of each conversation. TrueDialog ensures that disparate channels can be managed together in a single, easy-to-use web interface. Your reps will no longer rely on their personal devices or accounts to manage two-way interactions, which creates a chaotic experience on both sides. 

When customers respond to a message, your employees have a centralized place to house conversations. Each team member has better visibility into what’s already been communicated and by whom. No more clunky, frustrating interactions — instead, everyone can maintain the context of the conversation while routing issues to the correct agent. 

Channel prioritization

With TrueDialog, you control how messages are delivered. For example, given that WhatsApp charges per-message fees and Facebook Messenger doesn’t, you might set up your campaign to prioritize Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp. The ability to order your communication channels according to your requirements saves time, hassle, and money. 

Native integrations

When juggling multiple communication channels, interoperability is paramount. TrueDialog has built our applications directly within each social messaging channel’s development environment. Native integrations ensure better compatibility, performance, and security than integrations that rely on behind-the-scenes tools such as Twilio, Zapier, or Boomi that essentially act as middlemen.

Because each inbound and outbound request counts as a transaction, the total cost of ownership using these tools quickly adds up. Each request also becomes another potential point of failure. By eliminating that intermediary step and interacting directly with each platform’s software, TrueDialog helps you minimize vulnerabilities and delays.

In fact, because we built our platform for large enterprises, TrueDialog is better equipped than SMB providers to ensure mass deliverability without competing for bandwidth and processing speed.

US-based service and support

TrueDialog built its own technology to handle enterprise-grade needs. Our team of developers and support agents know the platform inside and out. Whether you need a dedicated installation team or a step-by-step walkthrough, we offer support from our headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

Want to see it for yourself? Schedule a free demo to see our social messaging integration and other features of the TrueDialog platform.