Text Message Marketing Strategies that Work

Text Message Marketing is a commonly used strategy for modern businesses. How common is it? Recently, researchers reported an estimated eight trillion text messages were sent in 2011. The Mobile Marketing Association released a report stating that the vast majority (97 percent) of text messages are opened by the recipient.
Business owners who want to use this strategy to their benefit should plan to use it in several ways. Since text messages are brief, they can be used to engage with customers in bite-sized communications. Items such as asking the customer to answer a question of the week or to participate in a brief poll would work well with this type of message.
It can also be used quite effectively as a local marketing tool. Since businesses are taking the time to get to know their customers more than ever before, it makes sense to send targeted messages directly to them with timely offers that encourage shopping on certain days or in conjunction with local events.
Text message marketing also works well for companies participating in conventions, trade shows and other similar events. The messages can be forwarded to attendees to provide them with schedule changes or locations for specific presentations. Text message marketing is among many mobile marketing strategies that work.
With a little creativity, a savvy marketer will be able to come up with other ways to use these text messages to communicate with customers in short bursts of information. This strategy can help to maintain relationships and boost sales.