QR Codes for Medical Information with Emergency Personnel

QR codes can be used for more than marketing. ERMedStat, a member-based company, uses the codes and smartphones to provide basic medical information to emergency personnel if a subscriber becomes ill or is injured. Using QR codes for medical information can be a very useful tool with proper utilization and execution.
The subscriber pays a membership fee to the company, which provides a wallet card and a tag for his or her key chain. Both of these items have a patient ID number and a unique QR code.
Unlike a QR code marketing application, the information revealed when the code is scanned using a smartphone is the patient’s blood type, medical complications, and a list of medications the patient is taking. The patient’s emergency contacts are also listed.
Having this important information readily available is invaluable to medical personnel who are trying to provide care in an emergency. Without it, they are working blind. They would not be able to provide the same level of care as they would if they knew whether the patient has a chronic medical condition or is taking medication regularly.
This use of QR codes has a marketing aspect as well. The subscribers on the company’s list receive benefits, such as daily deals, after signing up for this service. Companies offering deals would be able to get their message out to potential customers fitting a specific profile, which would result in a higher response rate. This creative way of using QR codes is one that benefits patients and marketing partners alike.