Native HubSpot SMS integration – 5 Reasons Why Native Matters

The term “native integration” gets used a lot when talking about HubSpot SMS apps, but it’s not always accurate. It’s important to understand the facts, because the differences between an app with a true native integration and a lesser product can be profound. This guide will look at what makes an integration truly native and why that matters to your organization.

What Is Native Integration?

When a HubSpot SMS app has 100% native integration, it is built with the same tools as HubSpot and provides seamless use. This means the app operates directly within the platform. All the crucial functions of the product are at your fingertips and are made even greater by the fact that it can access HubSpot data and deliver better results.

Native HubSpot SMS apps are built specifically for the platform, so they are coded in the optimal programming language to eliminate the snags that often come with other apps. When apps don’t support 100% native integration, they are forced to work as “connectors” that use middleware software that exists between HubSpot and the company’s product. It’s an inefficient setup that can present a host of issues for users.

How Do You Know If It’s a Native HubSpot SMS Integration?

Many HubSpot apps aren’t truly native, but that doesn’t prevent their creators from making dubious claims about it. For example, you might find a HubSpot SMS app that is only partially built within the platform. Despite the fact that some of the app’s functions might run with native-like speed, there could still be performance issues that arise from the hybrid nature of the app.

If you want to ascertain whether a HubSpot app is 100% native, here are a few red flags to watch out for:

  • The app requires you to use a separate window outside of HubSpot
  • The app isn’t compatible with HubSpot Workflow and other functions
  • The app runs slow when in use with HubSpot
  • The app can’t access all your data in HubSpot

As you can see from these potential issues, native integration matters when you’re trying to grow your organization and get the most from your HubSpot investment.

5 Reasons Why Native HubSpot SMS Integration Matters

There are many ways that an app with a native integration will streamline your processes and improve your life. Let’s look at a handful of the most impactful.

1. Efficiency

Do you ever find yourself trying to work on a project that requires two different systems? It can obviously be a pain in the neck, logging into different systems, toggling back and forth between windows, and never having all the information on the same page at the same time. The chances of making a mistake become much higher.

With a truly native integration, you can conduct all your business in one place. Just log into HubSpot and you’ll be ready to work right from the interface you already know and love. It’s not a question of whether your two different systems will communicate well with each other, because you’ll be working right in HubSpot.

What will you do with the time you save not having to bounce around between HubSpot and a separate platform? You could refine your marketing strategies, reach out to potential business partners, or take a refreshing walk in the park. The point is that the time you save will be immensely rewarding.

2. Security

With a truly native app, your HubSpot data stays right where it’s safest. You won’t need to worry about customer information and other important details being passed through an external connector, where they might be lost or corrupted. When you hand your data over to a middleware provider like that, you’re taking an unnecessary risk that could easily come back to haunt you.

Additionally, when your data lives in HubSpot you don’t need to bother with going through syncing processes in order to establish access. It stays where it’s supposed to be and your processes are smoother and more reliable as a result. More importantly, you can rest assured that your proprietary data is safe from risk.

3. Reliability

Your organization needs solutions that work fast and on-demand. HubSpot has a great record of reliability, but what about the countless connector apps that are out there? Unsurprisingly, they often have a much higher chance of failure.

In order to provide an exceptional customer experience and keep your business moving forward with positive momentum, it’s important to remove friction points. App disruption definitely qualifies as a roadblock to be avoided.

By using a 100% integrated HubSpot app, you can trust that your connection will be strong and secure. You won’t be at the mercy of a third party and can instead focus on making the big moves that drive growth.

4. Accuracy

If you’ve ever played the old game of “telephone,” where a word or phrase is whispered from one player to the next and then you see at the end how much it got accidentally changed, you know that every connection added to a chain always brings the risk of incorrect information.

Truly native HubSpot apps access real-time data within the platform, so you can depend on its accuracy. If you use a connector app, you could potentially send customer communications and make business decisions based on outdated information. Don’t let someone else’s inability to sync up jeopardize the accuracy of your data.

To improve tracking and performance, messaging activity is saved in HubSpot CRM. Every text sent and received through the Notes on a Contact’s Activities interface is recorded in chronological order so that you’ll never lose track of the conversation. It’s important to note that opt in and opt out is also tracked. When recipients opt out of future SMS, this feature prevents you from accidentally sending them messages and running into compliance issues.

5. Automation

Have you ever used HubSpot Workflow? It’s amazing to be able to build workflows and automate your business efforts. This is especially true with a HubSpot SMS app, because you can automate mass texting and free up valuable time for other things.

To get started when using a Native Hubspot SMS integration like TrueDialog, you just need to import a list of Contacts (complete with their properties) into HubSpot’s database. Then your teams can effortlessly send the right texts at the right time to the right audience.

Partnering With the Right HubSpot SMS App

There are lots of HubSpot SMS app options out there, so it’s important to know how to identify one that can support your business right now and offers the enterprise-grade features to help you scale. TrueDialog is this type of partner, helping you quickly integrate with HubSpot and then message directly through the platform. You can send custom messages anytime you want from the Contact’s information page within HubSpot, build automation into your workflows, and get team-based, multi-user 2-way texting.

Want to see what 100% native SMS integration can do for your marketing strategies? Our experts would love to walk you through TrueDialog’s features and answer your questions during a 10-minute demo.

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