Mobile Marketing Strategies to Avoid

Having a clear idea of what to avoid when developing mobile marketing strategies is important for businesses of all kinds to keep in mind. Since m-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, companies are devoting larger portions of their marketing budget to this area. To be successful, they will need to avoid these common pitfalls.
Marketers using mobile sites need to keep in mind that sites being viewed through mobile devices need to be simpler than ones geared toward desktop users are. I can certainly understand the temptation to load up the mobile site with lots of bells and whistles, but a better choice is to only include content users would need on the go, keep graphics to a minimum, and include phone-specific features such as touch-to-call numbers and GPS enabled directions.
Mobile marketing strategies should also include a plan for specifically promoting the mobile site. Most majot search engines are indexing mobile sites, or will begin indexing mobile sites by the end of 2012. Companies that launch mobile websites should include submitting the mobile site to the search engines directly as part of their overall marketing strategy. This is a good strategy to generate organic search engine traffic.
The best mobile marketing strategies in the world will not help the business if the results are not being tracked. The way to determine which strategies are most effective is by carefully monitoring each campaign.

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