Why Local Restaurants Should Use Text Marketing vs Email Marketing

The Truth About Email Marketing

I cleaned out my email inbox this past weekend. Three hours and two coffees later, I had diminished my inbox to one page. Among the discarded emails were a slew of online promotions and coupons, mostly unopened. Many of them were great deals, but I didn’t take the time to read them, so now they sit at the bottom of a cyber trashcan in an obscure corner of the Internet, never to be seen or redeemed.

Text Marketing vs Email Marketing

Email deals and coupons are a good thought, but it is important to note new statistics when planning your promotions strategy. The average open rate for email is 12%, while the open rate for text messages is 97% (CTIA Wireless Association). Why are more people opening text messages than emails? People carry their phones with them everywhere they go, both sending texts and checking email. However, it’s hard to stand out in the clutter of your customer’s email inbox. Streamline your message using a more effective medium with text marketing. You will increase the possibility of coupons being redeemed by offering mobile coupons. Now, more than ever before, restaurants are taking advantage of the great potential of text marketing. It is affordable, fast, effective, and trackable.

A text marketing campaign is also mutually beneficial to a restaurant and its patrons: the business gains additional revenue and recognition, while customers get coupons or other helpful notifications such as event invitations. This relationship builds a positive brand image and, subsequently, customer loyalty for your restaurant.

Are you thinking about ways to improve promotions for your restaurant? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to drive new customers through your doors and expand your brand loyalty. Add text marketing to your current marketing channels to increase coupon redemption rates and restaurant traffic. Be smart about what channels you use to send out marketing messages. If you’re customers have email habits like mine, then they might not be reading yours.

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