How to Send Out Mass Texts: A Guide for Businesses

It’s no secret: we’re living in a technological age. In an era where everything – food, entertainment, communication, even finding a date – is accessible through some form of technology, moments of nostalgia for “simpler times” are fleeting. Now, the thought of being without a mobile device is anything but comforting.

In fact, a recent report shined a light on some vital statistics:

  • 45% of Americans say their phone is their most valuable possession
  • 53% have never gone more than a day without their phone
  • 70% of respondents look at their phone within five minutes of receiving any sort of notification
  • 71% admit to checking their device within 10 minutes of waking up in the morning

No matter how you feel about this level of connectedness, it’s clear that mobile phones have become a crucial appendage for many of us. And because they’re always with us, they have become the ideal channel to reach your audience.  Businesses that wish to get their customers’ and prospects’ attention effectively should adopt a text messaging strategy as part of their overall marketing initiative.

Whether you haven’t yet started to send business SMS or are looking to expand your approach, we’ll offer some insight that will help. Read on for our guide on what types of mass texts to send and how to send them so they are more likely to resonate with your target audience.

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How to Send Out Mass Texts – The Right Way

Don’t worry – if you want to send out mass texts, you don’t need to hire someone with strong thumbs to join your marketing team. In fact, technology makes sending out bulk texts simple, with little manual effort. Sending bulk text messages to your subscribers or target audience is easy if you use the right SMS platform, and you can even target customer segments to ensure the right messages arrive at the right people.

Gain Subscribers

The first step in any text messaging strategy is to build out your subscriber list. Over the years, the laws surrounding business solicitations via phone have evolved to include text messaging. Per the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), businesses are legally forbidden to contact customers who have not explicitly subscribed to receive their communications. If you fail to obtain an “opt-in” or disregard your recipient’s request to not text them, you can be slapped with a fine of up to $1,500 per violation.

To build a list of subscribers, you need to reach out to current and prospective customers and encourage them to opt in. You can start by targeting existing customers, including reaching out to those on your email list. Just be sure you provide a way for them to opt-out, such as ending your text message with “Reply STOP to end.”

Use your website and social media platforms to encourage enrollment, and make it easy for your potential subscribers. Select a keyword – even something as simple as “subscribe” – and let your customers know they can text you to get on your list.

Remember, your efforts will be most effective if you’re clear about your text message strategy. What sort of messages will you send? For what purpose? Make sure your customers know just why they would even want to receive texts from you.

Leverage Integrations

Take your text messaging strategy to the next level by integrating existing systems into your SMS platform. API integrations with CRM and  systems, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, will make it super simple to text directly within those systems and help ensure your messages arrive at the correct recipients.

CRM integrations ensure you send out mass texts to customers who find them valuable. For example, if you have segments for prospective customers, current clientele, or for different products or services, each of these groups will benefit from different message strategies.

Be Sharp

Remember those statistics we mentioned above? Your recipients are most likely consistently on their phones. If they’re not, the notification of your message will prompt them to pick it up. The last thing you want to do is make them regret it.

The beauty of sending out mass text is that you can be sharp and concise in your messaging – which is always ideal with a text. Other campaigns, such as with email, may take a while to craft the messaging, design visuals to accompany it, and even come up with a catchy subject line to draw recipients in. Screen real estate is a commodity you can’t afford to waste with text.

This may sound like a lot of pressure, but trust us, it’s for the best. You – and your customers – will benefit from being to the point with your messaging. You may be limited to around 160 characters, but don’t worry; you can include a URL link that directs to a landing page or PDF document hosted on your site for more information. If visuals are your thing, you can also send MMS.

Craft and Distribute

Once you have subscribers and a strategy, use your SMS platform to create and distribute messages. You can send, track, and report on mass texts you’ve sent through a robust SMS platform and fine-tune your marketing strategy accordingly.

Uses for Mass Text Messaging

Equally important as how to send out mass texts is: why? What purpose can you use this approach to bring value to your customers – one they will find of value? Depending on your business, there are various reasons you may wish to send bulk texts.

For Retail

If you’re in the retail space, you may wish to contact prospective or current customers for marketing, customer service, or other purposes. Here are a few popular reasons to send out mass texts in the retail industry:

  • Launch a product or send invitations to in-store or online events
  • Send targeted promotions, including limited-time sales, discount codes, or invitation-only sales events
  • Provide order confirmation and tracking information for online purchases
  • Send reminders of an item that’s ready for pickup
  • Distribute guides or information, including links to how-to documents or videos
  • Solicit feedback

For Internal Communications

We’ve discussed how to send out mass texts to your customers, but you’re not limited to only external communications. You can also use bulk text messaging internally to share information with employees or candidates.

  • Send company-wide announcements, reminders or invitations to internal events
  • Divide segments by location and send communications specific to that office or region
  • Automate recruitment communications
  • Provide urgent alerts for weather, traffic, outages, or other unforeseen events that may impact employees

For Higher Education

There is an entire digital native generation coming through the school systems. These students have lived their whole lives with mobile phones surrounding them. Sending mass texts is a crucial strategy for the education industry.

  • Invite prospective students to campus events
  • Provide updates and reminders throughout the admissions process, including financial aid and class enrollment deadlines
  • Send important dates and deadlines throughout the semester
  • Provide urgent alerts that affect students on campus
  • Send alumnae communications

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Mass Text Platforms Add Value

Ultimately, communication is only effective when you’re understood, and you add value to your recipients. When you send out mass texts, you’ll ensure your messages are received in a timely manner, helping you build an ongoing relationship with your recipients.

With TrueDialog, you have an enterprise-class platform with an easy-to-use interface. Our SMS platform integrates seamlessly with leading CRMs and provides full-featured tracking and reporting tools so you can be sure your strategy is right for your subscribers.