Interaction and Engagement are Key on Mobile Websites

You’re in charge of marketing at your company and you’ve been tasked with identifying how to engage your customers on the mobile internet. What now!? Start thinking about interaction and engagement on a mobile device.

Whether the sole owner of a small business or a VP of Marketing for a Fortune 500 conglomerate, the principals of where to begin with mobile web are the same. You need to identify your customer demographics and see how that demographic is interacting with a mobile device.

In the restaurant industry, for example, consumers use mobile websites while they are on the go and looking for something to eat. They are looking for discounts, turn by turn directions, menus, click to call and ordering capabilities. These will be the deciding factors on whether the customer chooses your business or one of your competitors. So now that we’ve identified what the consumer wants, we can now start our mobile website design.

Mobile website design is very important when putting together your mobile site. If you don’t build a ‘true mobile website’ and merely try to optimize one, you’ll end up providing a poor user experience. Because mobile devices have small screens, the options for them to choose must be very simple and streamlined. A poor user experience in turn causes a higher bounce rate. The bounce rate is the number of people that leave your site before taking a desired action. The more people you convert (or get to take the desired action) the more revenue and more profitable your mobile websites will be for your business.

Restaurant Industry