A Guide to Basic Mobile App Design

For many companies when it comes to developing a mobile application budget is the main concern. The first rule in app design is an age-old expression – you get what you pay for. Good apps are not cheap, and cheap apps are not good. So often we see companies looking for the cheapest option when it comes to basic mobile app design. This usually leads to basic, under performing, apps and in some cases absolute disaster.

Don’t pay to train a developer:

As you search for the perfect developer you’ll run across many that will sell you a cheaper app. These developers appear to have the experience to do the work, but as time passes it becomes clear the developer is learning as they go. Sometimes the developer finishes the app, but it doesn’t work properly.  In other cases, the non-seasoned developer gives up, leaving you with some broken code, wasted time, and money down the drain. You want to pay for an app that works, not to train someone who may or may not be able to deliver the final product.

Canned Apps:

DIY internet-based created apps are often seen as a cheap way to get your company into the app store. However, on closer inspection you will find that these apps don’t deliver as intended. The design is very limited, and you’ll notice that the apps look identical. This is because they are selling you the same app as everyone else by just changing the name, photos and content. Even if design doesn’t seem important to you — it should since an apps design makes it more appealing — you also run into the issue of the monthly fee. The app vendor makes their money by keeping you on the hook indefinitely. The set up charges for these companies are usually a small fraction of the cost of developing a “real” app. However, you’ll notice that in the contract there is a monthly fee. Once you decide you don’t want to pay the fee anymore your app will disappear from the app store.

Rules for Success:

When searching for app developers keep your goals in mind. Have a clear idea of what you want your app to do and make sure that any developer you consider can deliver the app that you want. It’s a good idea to take a look at apps they have developed in the app store to make sure they have the look and functionality that you want in your own app.