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Your SMS Strategy for Holiday Office Closures – Texting Tips

Get Set for a Stress-Free Holiday by Utilizing SMS

Believe it or not, the winter holidays are already upon us and many of us are looking forward to enjoying time off with friends and family!  But in the midst of preparing for the season ahead, it’s common to forget some important steps you should take before closing up shop.

Here are a few ideas to consider and reasons why your SMS strategy will come in handy as you prepare for a stress-free holiday:

  • If your office/university will be changing over to “holiday hours”, you’re not alone. However, don’t assume employees, staff, students and partners are aware of your change of schedule. SMS provides a perfect outlet for communicating closures and delayed openings.
  • The holiday season also poses the threat of severe winter weather, and of course, winter weather brings about new challenges in keeping everyone safe. SMS allows for a quick and easy way to share updates on weather-related closings, hazards, and safety information.
  • Last but not least, if you’re looking for a few creative ways to spice up your automated “Out of Office” emails, click here for inspiration. (Link to one of the articles I sent you.)

From all of us at TrueDialog, we’re wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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