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Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Changing Mobile Strategy

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How is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Changing?

Originally a product of the Great Depression, discount stores served as a place for bankrupt general stores to sell their closeouts. In 1939, J.L. Turner and his son Cal monopolized on this idea and began acquiring dried goods from general stores that were liquidating their stock. They began reselling these items to a struggling middle class under the name J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale. The store grew in popularity and people in town began to talk to neighbors and friends about what would be on the shelves next. Word spread and Turner discount stores quickly multiplied into hundreds then thousands of franchises over the next few decades.

Eighty years later and discount stores are all but a nostalgic image on America’s timeline. Today they serve the same purpose: offering closeout prices on everyday items. We all love to save money, but now, we have more options to shop. Marketing strategies should mirror these changes. Discount stores can differentiate themselves from others by personally interacting with consumers. Acquiring a text marketing campaign will allow them to offer deals, markdowns, and product arrival notifications, which, in turn, can drive store traffic and encourage awareness of product inventory. Mobile coupons have a redemption rate ten times higher than printed coupons and give customers an incentive to return to a discount store, making it a destination rather than a random stop.

With the advent of mobile, the entire world has become a small town. Everyone is a text away from new information and updates (and gossip). J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale became a thriving business based on word-of-mouth interactions between customers. But we’re not communicating over a picket fence anymore. Word-of-mouth has become mobile. The same logic can be applied today. Customers must be communicated with on the same field that they communicate—mobile. The opportunities for discount stores in mobile are ripe. Now is the time to reach consumers where they are.

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