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Why College Students Expect Mobile Marketing


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The past decade has seen a dramatic, fast-paced evolution of the mobile phone, and the average college student has had no problem keeping up. Raised in an era that expects the newest, hottest devices every year, Gen Y has evolved into a “mobile generation.” Whether listening to music, texting friends, reading class updates or checking in at their favorite hot spot, college students are mobile 24/7.

Juggling their professional, academic and social lives, college students are busier than ever and constantly on the go. Most aren’t reading the newspaper for articles and looking at local weekly deals on the bus ride to class; they’re checking news sites and skimming Groupon and Facebook deals right from their phones. Everything is about convenience for this generation.

Tech-Savvy Buyers Expect Mobile Marketing

So what does this mean for companies hoping to reach this tech-savvy demographic? They must appeal to them through their device of choice: mobile phones. Those with a phone strapped to their hand expect mobile marketing to be used to reach them. Nearly every college student in America has a mobile phone, over half of them being smart phones; and according to Hack College, 94% of college students text every day. This is a market waiting to be tapped.

To keep up with this mobile generation, marketers must go where they go. By integrating tools like text marketing and mobile websites, companies can place messages and deals right in the palms of their hands. A two-way dialogue through text marketing alongside simple, informative mobile sites can instigate a purchase and make a lasting impression. College students love nothing more than receiving personalized coupons from their favorite brands; they save money while you benefit from the immediate purchase and better your long-term consumer relationships.

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