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Why Banks Should Adopt Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing strategies are not just for retailers and other types of consumer product businesses. If banks want to remain competitive, I think they should seriously consider to adopt mobile marketing and develop a mobile strategy. 

By now, most banks have an iPhone app. The next step in the plan is to make sure that the bank’s website is mobile device friendly. Consumers want to be able to get information and advice on the go, and they are not going to wait until they can sit down at a desktop unit to check out the bank’s website.
I think that the iPhone app is more likely to be used by existing customers. While this is an important feature that the banks definitely need to be offering, they also need to be mindful of the needs of new customers. Someone who may be thinking of changing banks is going to consider several factors, including whether they can get information about products and services that they need without waiting.
In this age where instant access to information is something that consumers prize, all service industries, including banks, need to be ready to meet their customers’ needs. Not only does the banks website need to be mobile friendly, but it also must be easy to navigate when using a portable device. The banks that will continue to do well in the customer service arena will be the ones who anticipate their customers’ needs and take steps to meet them.

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