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Why Adobe Flash Alienates Customers

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A Non-Mobile Optimized Website Alienates Customers

Take a look at your company’s website. Have you recently spent a small fortune on a brand new site with an awesome animated intro page? If that animation is Flash based then you’ve just alienated your customers.

Flash was once the internet’s main source of animation and video. But the early 2000’s are over and now most web professionals view Flash as a detriment as opposed to a commodity. The pitfalls of using Flash on your site can be summed up in three short points.

SEO Killer:
Flash is an SEO killing machine. Search engine spiders index web content based on text. Because of this search engines cannot see Flash based pages. On top of that, Flash pages don’t have the essentials that are key to SEO (H1 & Meta tags as well as separate URLs for each page).

The Broken Bridge:
Your splash/intro page has got a really cool animation on it. A video plays the history of your company or flashes the latest sale information up where all your site visitors will see it. While that seems like a good idea, what you’ve really done is set up a forced waiting period for your sites visitors.  You wouldn’t set up a wall between your shops doorway and your products so why would you set up a digital barrier for your customers? Animations on your site distract from your content and sometimes make that content harder to reach. Today’s world is all about “right now.” If your customers can’t get what they are looking for instantly they will go and find it elsewhere.

The Case of the Missing Content:
Mobile devices are quickly becoming the standard way to view the internet. In fact it’s estimated that by mid 2013 there will be more people getting online with mobile devices than with standard laptops and desktop computers. Where does your Flash content fit in with this emerging standard demographic? It doesn’t.  Flash content cannot be viewed on most mobile devices and tablets. Your awesome and expensive Flash intro just became a broken website to all of your mobile web traffic. If your site doesn’t work on a mobile device your customers will instantly move on to one of your competitors with a working site.

A great site doesn’t need a bunch of bells and whistles. So leave the Flash animations on the cutting room floor and let your content do the talking. Your customers will appreciate it and a happy customer is a return customer.

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