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What’s Next After Text and Mobile Coupons? Smartphone Wallets.

Now that consumers are getting more comfortable with receiving and using mobile coupons, the next big thing in mobile marketing will likely be a smartphone wallet. I can see how this development will make shopping for all kinds of products and services a quick and convenient process.
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Smartphone Wallets
This technology would allow a consumer to load his or her smartphone with a set amount of funds before going out. Paying for an item will be a simple matter of tapping the phone at a checkout register. Similar “tap and pay” technology is already being used by some retailers, allowing customers to pay for small items with a credit card without having to swipe it or sign anything – smartphone wallets. The smartphone would be used instead of the credit card.
I think that the smartphone wallet can have benefits for consumers and businesses alike. Buyers can control how much virtual cash they will have at their disposal before going out. Consumers can make purchases without having to swipe their debit or credit card, which may lower the likelihood that they will be targeted by thieves. Using the smartphone to make purchases is more convenient than carrying several cards as well.
Businesses that introduce this payment method can make a point of offering mobile coupons to their customer base. Buyers who are interested in using the latest technology to make purchases will be receptive to receiving coupons in the same manner. Mobile coupons are the way of the future and smartphone wallets tie in with them quite nicely.

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